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The following messages seem to use string concatenation but it sometimes make hard to translation.

Could you use gettext format (like printf i.e. %s)instead?


#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/include/site_js/index_js.js:6879
msgid "go to next section"
msgstr ""

#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/mobile_assets/windows_phone/localizable_strings.php:86
#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/mobile_assets/android/localizable_strings.php:148
msgid "tag?"
msgstr ""

#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/mobile_assets/android/localizable_strings.php:20
msgid "in offline mode"
msgstr ""

#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/mobile_assets/android/localizable_strings.php:28
msgid "was saved"
msgstr ""

#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/mobile_assets/android/localizable_strings.php:29
msgid "save failed"
msgstr ""

#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/mobile_assets/android/localizable_strings.php:147
msgid "folder?"
msgstr ""

I don't know exactly where these are shown but because these aren't capitalized so I suppose part of other messages (aren't them?)


#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/include/index_xajax_functions/fill_dialog.php:4601
#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/include/index_xajax_functions/fill_dialog.php:4605
msgid "/year after"
msgstr ""


#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/include/index_xajax_functions/responses/xajax_responses.php:779
#, php-format
msgid "and %s other"
msgid_plural "and %s others"
msgstr[0] ""

<What> and %s other(s)?


#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/include/index_xajax_functions/responses/print_articles_response.php:2293
msgid "Tagged at"
msgstr ""

#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/include/index_xajax_functions/responses/print_articles_response.php:2295
msgid "Tagged on"
msgstr ""


#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/mobile_assets/windows_phone/localizable_strings.php:104
#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/mobile_assets/android/localizable_strings.php:145
msgid "Are you sure you want to delete"
msgstr ""


#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/mobile_assets/android/localizable_strings.php:74
msgid "Welcome to"
msgstr ""


#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/mobile_assets/android/localizable_strings.php:146
msgid "Are you sure you want to unsubscribe from all feeds in"
msgstr ""


#: /var/www/beta_inoreader_com/m/ajax.php:721
msgid "Search in "
msgstr ""



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