Android: OAuth2 and multiple account

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I'm a new Android developer and I would like to create a new InoReader app but I missed something with OAuth2 authentication.

On my device I have configured 2 Google Accounts for the same user (let's say Account1 and Account2).

When I launched my App I have to login via a Google account. I currently use GoogleSignIn class and and which let me choose Account1 or Account2. It works and I get user info of the selected account. Both Google Accounts have an InoReader account with different subscriptions.

Ok now it's time to call your API.

After the Consent page, I successfully obtain access and refresh tokens, however every time I call your API I always get data of Google Account1.

If a user is logged in my App with the Google Account2 how can I authorize my App on your Consent page, obtain tokens and then data of the Google Account2 via OAuth2 authentication?

I tried another Inoread apps which use the OAuth2 authentication and I have the same problem, I can't connect with my Google Acccount2. My InoReader account linked to my Google Account1 is automatically retrieved.


Thank you for your help


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