version 6 problem with tags as start screen

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I've just installed version 6 and it kind of looks good, but I like to view my tags first, so I've got tags as start screen, but with the new version all I get is a circle going round and round forever after the first load of the app, when I switch to all articles and come back to tags it works, when I set all articles as my start screen it works again, but not when I want to view my tags first,

furthermore, the tags label isn't in English, even though the whole app is in English as I configured in settings, I don't know if it's related,

please fix

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Thank you for the feedback. We will check it and fix it.

This is a closed beta release, but somehow Google Play distributed it to a wider group. Next week we will publish the official beta and we hope to publish the official release soon after that.

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