Flickering Website Display in Inoreader App Browser

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I'm subscribed to a number of academic journals that are hosted by the Wiley Online Library.  When I pull up to open the articles, the website flickers repeatedly in the Inoreader browser, making it almost impossible to scroll properly or read the content. Here are some examples of articles that don't display properly in the Inoreader Browser:
From Heythrop Journal:
From Religious Studies Review:
From Int'l Journal of Systematic Theology
From Nous:
From Modern Theology:
I didn't always have this problem. It started two or three months ago (I think). I'm using the Inoreader app on my Android device.
Thank you!

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The thing is that the provided articles (with the issues) are returning html code with plenty of executable scripts inside them which is causing this behavior. Most probably publishers are having some restriction/protection for their rss feeds/content but can't tell for sure. 

Could you please clarify, is that behavior occurs when you use external browser or chrome tab?

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Thanks for replying. To clarify, this behavior only happens in InoReader's internal browser. It does not happen in Chrome Tab. And it does not happen in any external browser. (I've tried multiple browsers on multiple devices, and they all display the pages properly.)

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