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Unfortunately no. We've removed all code and data related to Instapaper from our backend and apps after waiting for a month and receiving a vague response from their side on whether the service will be available in EU again and that exceptions won't be made even for the API.

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We were already exposed once from this issue and the reluctance of their team to assist us and our users (you) was pretty indicative that we might expect something like this in the future too. It was their inability to understand that non-EU users were actually affected by this that was most frustrating to us.

We had the same accusations during the time from "paying customers" asking why we can't do anything and why this isn't an issue with Feedly. It was very frustrating having to explain to them the internal issues about the location of our backend, etc. Our ticketing system was full of opened priority (paying customers) tickets and we couldn't do a thing to fix them. Being a customer centric enterprise, this is our worst nightmare. That's why we still use our own infrastructure and no external devs/support. We have waited more than a month and when we didn't receive any concrete response, we decided to officially remove this integration for good with an official explanation to all affected users (send via email).

Instapaper was never part of any paid plan. Most integrations are free here exactly because we feel that we cannot guarantee that they will exist in perpetuity. Exception is IFTTT, because we actually have to pay them to be part of their partner network.

Currently you can still use Instapaper without much difference through IFTTT. You can use a separate tag to send tagged articles to Instapaper, or just use your Stars. You can also use the default iOS/Android sharing to exchange articles between the Inoreader app and Instapaper. Those methods worked even during the outage and that's what we suggested users to do.

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