Stephen McAuley

Feedbro - Source of new ideas for Inoreader?

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Hi Stephen.

The full-text feature have been already discussed several times here.

I let Inoreader"s team respond to your proposal but the reason to say "no" is that full-text is a real ethical if not legal problem. 

It's certainly usefull for monitoring specialists/professionals but it's a real problem for authors/editors. I can elaborate if you want :-)!

Feedbro is a great tool but it's a software tool. So it's understandable you like having the possibility to determine the depth of the archive. Inoreader, as an online tool,  have the great power to archive all the items. But you can now determine how long it will consider an item as unread. Surprisingly this feature is only accessible to pro accounts. 

What are others features you like in Feedbro?


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