Love version 5, hate version 6

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Really disappointed with version 6. I mean I, love Inoreader, use it a lot, love it lot. But not a fan of the new design.


First I don't understand why you guys discard the TabBar navigation in favor of drawer. Almost everyone agrees that TarBar is more efficient. Even google is using it on their own apps, on android platform.

Now it's more inconvenient to change feeds. And when I try to change feeds by swiping from left edge, the "mark as read" gesture gets triggered mistakenly a lot. It's very annoying.


Then, the font of the titles, I don't think it's comfortable for reading and there is no why to change it.

Then, the optimization for AMOLED display. Don't like it very much and there is no why to change it.


Maybe you could release the version 5 as Inoreader (Legacy) so those are uncomfortable with the new version can download it.


I guess this post probably won't make any difference. So why bother...

Could you just leave the web version alone, don't update it, don't redesign it, please.

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Have you tried any of the third-party clients on ipad? Mr Reader is easily the best but unfortunately no longer available for new purchasers but Reeder is certainly a great alternative. I keep checking in on Inoreader's own client but until they start allowing me to sort by feed rather than just by date (and more customization options wouldn't hurt either) then I'll stick with something better on both IOS and Android.

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Mr. Reader was good, but is slowly getting out of date.


Reeder for iOS and iPad is by far the best RSS reader I have ever seen, but unfortunately it doesn't have all of the power user features that make Inoreader Pro subscription great (like search, tags, saved, etc). It does do a few things that Inoreader does not though like sort by # of articles in feed  and sort starred entries by feed.


I've tried all of the players in the AppStore (Unread, Fiery Feeds, Reeder, Mr. Reader, Feedly, Inoreader, Newsify and about more) and Reeder is still the most elegant and the most enjoyable to use.


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