Readably - Inoreader client with focus on reading experience

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Hello everyone,

I'm Isaias. I want to introduce Readably, an Android RSS reader that supports Inoreader. The main focus of Readably is to provide you with very clean and highly customizable reading experience that allows you to really immerse yourself in the content. Additionally Readably includes the following features:

• Contains four reading backgrounds to choose from and seven beautiful fonts

• Automatic theme changing based on sunset/sunrise times

• Full-featured image-viewer

• Read full articles with Mercury parser

• Offline support: everything is accessible offline including images

• Comprehensive settings

• Background sync ensures your content is always up to date

You can download Readably here :










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Welcome to our community and congrats on the launch. You app looks great. I have noticed that you are reaching your API limits quite easily.  There's probably an issue somewhere in your code that sends too many requests. Please get in touch from our support form so we can adjust your limits, but it will also be good if you fix the issue and try to keep the number of zone 2 requests as low as possible.

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