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Mobilizer fetches wrong page content

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When I use your mobilizer feature for RSS feed I get sometimes a part of wrong page code (with error) instead of mobilized content I need.

How to reproduce:

My feed code:

Post with problem

Wrong code from line 277 in Chrome incognito tab (error):


У вас слишком много отобранных вакансий. Вам нужно удалить ненужные вакансии из списка отобранных, чтобы добавить ещё одну.

Удалить самую старую вакансию и добавить эту

Correct content that actually must be fetched from line 288 (vacancy description):



  • Создание системы управления и контроля сроками реализации проектов инвестиционной программы Общества.
  • Методологическая поддержка системы...

For example, this is correctly mobilized page.

Here is an answer from support (in russian, this is not their problem).



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Thank you for this comprehensive feedback. 

We "fine-tuned" the full content fetcher and newly arrived articles should be fetched fine. 

Please monitor the feed in the next couple of days and let us know if you are still receiving these errors for some articles. 

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It looks like they have some protection which triggers sometimes when the mobilizer tries to fetch the full content. There is a lot of javascripts and cookies if you load the articles directly in browser and the full content fetcher is not browser. It can't behave same way. 

I've tested the articles here and the 1st one was fetched properly but the second one not. 

We'll try to fine tune little bit further but can't promise 100% success. 


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