Suzanne Bernard

Batch renaming of folders/tags plus folder/tag sorting when adding feeds

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Hi, is there any way to batch rename folders and tags, or does every single one have to be renamed individually?

The reason I need to rename every single folder and tag I have, by the way, is that when I subscribe to a feed and go to add it to a folder, the tags appear in the list with the folders, sorted alphabetically (although they are separate in the sidebar) and I have to scroll past a lot of tags to add the feed to the correct folder. The one time I made the mistake of checking a tag when adding a feed, that tag was converted into a folder and subsequently appeared in the Folders area rather than with the other tags.

So two feature requests: 1) An option to batch rename folders/tags and/or 2) an option not to have tags show up in the list when I click the link to add a feed to a folder. I don't mind that a tag and a folder can't have the identical name, but I don't use them in the same way, and I don't want to see my entire list of tags when I go to add a feed to a folder. Thus the need to rename them all, so that tags will appear after all my folders.

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