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I have read the help docs but not clear of easiest way to create a specific My Feed with the content.

assume I have folders Cats And Dogs, each has lots of feeds. As I work through these feeds I add filters. I don't want to create a feed with everything in a folder. 

How do I create a eg a dog feed that only contains my Filtered feeds, plus items I Star / favorite or do a social share?

thanks ColinK (new Pro user)

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Thanks for your reply Wesson. I think you are telling me if I use the Export feature I will end up with multiple RSS Feeds.

Is there a way for me to create one RSS Feed based on Filters and Rules I have set for a specific topic eg End up with a custom Dog Feed and another custom Cat Feed - if this is possible how do I go about creating this?

Thanks ColinK

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If you want to have a feed for the "filtered" content (for example tagged with tag - Filter), you can have export from that tag. 

You can also create separate rule matching for new "starred"; "liked"; "broadcasted", etc. and assigning them the same tag. 

This way, you'll end up with a multiple rules but with a single feed from all your liked, broadcasted, filtered, etc articles from that tag.

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