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Hello Inoreaders,

Is there any way to filter articles according to its language?? Obviously when I suscribe a feed I already know what its language is, but this could be very usefull in order to filter a global article search where usually a lot of languages are present.

I know translation is also available, but I prefer to filter non-english articles. I suppose Inoreader (thanks to Microsoft technology, Bing or whatever) just knows what is the language of an article (in order to translate it), so, it shouldnt be difficult to include this filter.

Any suggestion / idea?

Thanks in advance,

Edited - One related question about language filtering. About one year ago, maybe now with translations this filter could be easier:


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remember that if you ever monitor a search in Twitter, you can use the "lang:" syntax to filter language

For example

Inoreder lang:fr OR lang:en -RT

Where lang:fr is for french and lang:en for english (for other languages look at the ISO 639-1 norm). -RT is to suppress retweets.

In google alert (that you can monitor through RSS, you can also filter by language (one par alert)

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I was just searching for an option like that. Many times I get as a result articles in a language that I don't understand (Chinese, Russian etc.). It would be great if I could set (in settings) what language not to show or only show in a selected language. Same goes for rules.

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