Reddit feed - one works, the other does not

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When you try to add a feed that is new to Inoreader's system it first checks if it's valid. Reddit's annoying rate limiting unfortunately makes approximately  80% of Inoreader's requests fail.  So it thinks there's no feed there. 

The first link (actually https://www.reddit.com/r/masseffect/.rss) is already in Inoreader's database (5 subscribers) so it doesn't need to crawl it to check if it's a valid feed and subscribe you to it, it works immediately. 

The second one however is new to Inoreader so it needs to validate it. When this happens just keep trying, 10-20+ attempts, it will eventually work.

But you're not done yet - the second problem is that after it passes said check it needs to crawl the feed again to grab the first items. For reddit feeds this will likely fail, so Inoreader will set the update interval to 5 days as for a "dead" feed - combine that with the 80% fail rate and you may not get new items for a month (after which it will hopefully adjust the update interval).

So if you don't see any items you must refresh the feed manually until it works at least once, then will will get the default 30 min crawl interval for new feeds. 

There are two ways Inoreader could fix this:

 - get a bunch of IPs or proxies to distribute the crawls and circumvent reddit's limits. Though Ino staff may not want to do this because it breaks reddit's ToS and could get them blacklisted permanently. 

 - contact reddit to get them to whitelist Inoreader -> remove or significantly increase the rate limits. The problem with this is reddit's admins are notorious for slow or no responses at all. This reached a boiling point a few years ago after reddit fired the one admin who actually did engage with the users (Victoria) and many subreddit mods staged a protest by shutting down their communities. You can read more here: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/07/what-really-caused-the-reddit-revolt.html Not a lot has improved since then other than some token features for mods were added (like the incomplete new modmail, subreddit rules, spoilers tag for submissions) and basic support requests now get answered after 24-48 hours or so. Maybe. But anything more difficult will take longer or might still not get answered at all. God help you if you need to go beyond basic support and require technical changes (like Inoreader does). 

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Thanks for the very detailed reply to this Firestone. I've always known that Reddit feeds were a problem and had a bit of an idea as to why already but this tells me (and everyone else) all the information we need to know.

It's a shame Reddit seem so apathetic in improving their platform or the experience for their users - it could be so much better (and bigger).

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Yeah, I did knew Reddit feeds are strange, but not finding them at all was new for me - I think I was lucky with my current Reddit feeds.

By the way, your reply is so detailed and helpful, that I feel that it would be a good idea to make this thread sticky.

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I've noticed that playing around with the address of the feed appears to increase your chances at success.

For example, if https://www.reddit.com/r/announcements/.rss doesn't work, you could try searching for this:

https://www.reddit.com/r/announcements.rss (without the slash)

Alternatively you could change the .rss from the first address to .xml so it looks like this https://www.reddit.com/r/announcements/.xml

Very strange.

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