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today I installed inoreader on my phone (android 5.1 LG g4).

after a while I got a warning from my mobile about the mobile data use cap. when I looked at my data I saw that inoreader has downloaded 963MB of data (my connection is 4G so speed can be up to 3MB/s) then at home over wifi inoreader continued to get data in background (more that 760MB) then I disabled the background data for it so not to lose all my internet cap. but it still continued to download data until I disabled the app.

is this some kind of offline capability?

I am not a pro user.and I have a lot of starred items. but even those shouldn't be 1.5GB data.

I have inoreader on my tablet too but I have not seen this before.

but when I back it up with titanium backup it just says 9MB the sized of archived and compressed backup.

what is going on?

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Are you eventually using Arabic or Persian localization on your new device? 

Actually we found and fixed an issue with our background synchronization service affecting users with Arabic or Persian locale on their phones, which could lead to high data usage and battery drain.

We truly sorry about the caused issues and inconvenience. The update (5.2.30 / 360)  is already uploaded and should appear in play store pretty soon.


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