Alexei Chitov

Inoreader Companion for Chrome requests login on every browser start

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Hi, I'm using Companion with Chrome, and every time when I start the browser I have to log into my Inoreader account, I get the "Please sign into your Inoreader account" message (attached). Does it have to be that way, can it just remember my credentials once and keep me logged in all the time? I think somebody has already asked a similar question but I don't see a helpful answer.

Ticking "Remember me" check-box doesn't work.

I use other sites that keep me logged in, e.g. Financial Times or New York Times allow logged-in state to persist so that access to the contents is quick. With Inoreader I can't figure out a way to do it. Is it a design feature, or there's a way to make it work?

Any feedback or help appreciated,


inoreader companion msg.JPG

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