Option to bring magazine view to list view?

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Title half-assedly says it all.

I absolutely love List view to view articles , but loathe opening them using list view.  I noticed your Blog Entry about Magazine View and am absolutely in love with what happens when you click the link. This was a request by legions of users in Feedly (that's why it's their default).

Is there any possibility of bringing this hybrid view or at least an option in the upcoming future?  The main list would be list view, but when you clicked on the article, it would open up like Magazine view. This is the ideal way to open articles, IMO.



I'm proud to say I was (finally) able to muster up the funds to be an Inoreader professional subscriber. Thank you for the great service.

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1 hour ago, Michal Škop said:


I would like to ask if there is any progress on this issue.

Thank you!


Yes it's the ONLY major thing (other than sort by feed in starred articles) that Inoreader doesn't have but Feedly does. :(

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