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I have a simple IFTTT recipe set up to take articles that I like in Inoreader, and turn them into WordPress posts. It's been working flawlessly for a long time. Recently, however, duplicate posts - sometimes as many as 5 - have been being produced when I like a single article. Has anyone else noticed this?

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So I have an update on this issue. Another of my recipes creates a WordPress post when an article is broadcasted on Inoreader. Broadcasting is something you can really do only one time, correct? Yet check out the results on this blog: http://jotcreative.net/category/links/

In the past, I may have liked something multiple times on accident because there is no feedback on mobile (see http://forum.inoreader.com/index.php?/topic/11357-cant-tap-like-button/), but I certainly never broadcasted an article with the same message 4 times.


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