Batch tagging older articles - Am I out of luck?

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I'm a user with a pro account. I've created a new tag and I'm trying to apply it to all articles (read and unread, old and new) containing a specific name.

I've created a rule and ran it manually. One article got tagged that way. I understand that running a rule manually only process articles of the last month or so, and most articles I'm interested in are older than that. So it makes sense.

But when I search all my articles for that specific name, I get 150 matches. Those are the articles I want to tag. But I can't seem to find a way to tag all of them at once?

So my question is: how would you apply a tag to all articles containing a specific name?


Thanks in advance!




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Thanks for your reply.

Yes it would be a useful feature to add.

I am very happy with Inoreader, but being able to easily organize thousands of older articles with tags would definitely improve it as a research tool.


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