Palabre - New Android app with Inoreader support

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There is a new Android app with support for Inoreader. It's called Palabre and it's from LeveUp Studio, the creator of Beautiful Widgets 


Download it here. Inoreader support is provided via this extension.


Haven't test it yet, but it looks good.


EDIT: Just installed it. It's a good start, with a nice UI, but it freezes a lot.

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I'm one of the early adopters of Palabre and a premium user. I would have to say that the extra app plugin for Inoreader is a bummer (not required with Feedly) and I think it could be the reason why it's slow. My suggestion is to just stick with Inoreader's own app, or my other favourite which is FeedMe. The latter is extremely slow in synching but the one thing that still makes me go back to it when travelling is its full offline feature. I can download images and complete pages, and access them when there's no internet.

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