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Found 38 results

  1. I use IFTTT in combination with Inoreader and have done so for quite awhile. I have an Inoreader rule that I use in combination with IFTTT that when I tag a piece of content it will run a IFTTT recipe to create a log entry in a Google Drive spreadsheet. I have been using it for about two years without any issue. I just noticed today that when I tag an item using the Inoreader mobile app, it will add the tag to that item and shows it in the rules log but it does not trigger the IFTTT recipe to run but if I tag an item through the web interface / browser the IFTTT recipe triggers "immediately". I can reproduce it consistently. Any thoughts or additional information I can provide? Thanks.
  2. RSSCircus

    Tagging and multitagging issues

    Hi, I encounter two problems when I want to tag an article. First... well... tagging doesn't work! When I try to select a tag... nothing happens. Second... clicking on a tag leads me to the item! So I would have to reclick to select another one. Waste of time ! Bes regards, Serge
  3. zhensun

    Search for articles with multiple tags

    Hello, How to create a search for articles matching multiple tags? Thanks!
  4. Gokudera ElPsyCongroo

    Scoring system? (like in TT-RSS)

    Hello, TT-RSS has that feature which could be an excellent way to sort articles without having to rely on a machine learning system or anything else, but personal rules. Maybe you could consider something similar/improved? Edit: or more specifically, for example it would be great to be able to set rules for automatically grouping articles at the top of the list.
  5. Laurie

    Clear All Tagged Articles?

    Hello, I recently subscribed to the Inoreader Professional plan and wish I would have discovered Inoreader sooner, as I've found it an invaluable tool for my workflow. Presently, I'm sorting articles for work purposes into tags by category that match my workflow (e.g. Science, Wellness, News, etc). At the end of the week I need to clear these tagged articles to start fresh the following week. I don't see an option to 'Clear All Tagged Articles' like you can do with starred articles. I have to go in and clear the tag manually from each article one by one and it can sometimes take a couple hours depending on how much I've saved and tagged throughout the week. Is there a way to clear all tagged items, without deleting the tag itself, or does anyone have a suggestion on how I might modify my workflow to be more efficient? Thank you! Laurie
  6. Hello, Sending a unique eMail to several recipients (Inoreader_Tags) is working : we get that eMail in every right Inoreader_Tags (that behave as Folders). But looking at the footer of the gotten article, I see the well known "Add tags" label followed only by the Currently tag in brackets.... I'd expect to get ALL the Inoreader_tags wherein I sent my unique eMail. Reading back any instance of my eMail could then give me all the attached tags. Is it easy to quickly fix that ? Thanks a lot for your powerful and easy-to-use software. D.AR
  7. Fabrizio Bianchi

    Import via Dev Access Token error

    Import of feeds via OPML went fine. But I have most of my stuff in tags, even articles outside of the feeds I follow. Therefore I tried the import from Feedly via dev access token. Again feeds go fine, starred go fine, but while working on my tags I get this error: The requested URL returned error 400 The 2 tag look fine and complete. The third is always empty, even if I delete it and it gets replaced by the next one. Is there a known way to solve this problem or at least to have more details about the URL causing the problem?
  8. Liesbeth Bevelander

    Tagged items missing (import from Feedly

    Went looking for a Feedly alternative and found Inoreader. Looks great and I think I will enjoy using. I imported my feeds from Feedly. Feeds and saved items all seem to be in order. Some tags were imported, but I seem to be missing a lot of them. It seems tags starting with b through d were transferred, the rest of them were not. Since tagging is the way I organise articles it would be great if all tags and tagged articles could be imported. Any way to fix this? I tried importing both by 'Feedly import' and by 'OPML import'. No luck so far in fetching everything though. (I have a lot of tagged items, history goes back to Google Reader times. Could it be there is a max to export/import in Feedly or Inoreader?)
  9. I'm really confused why tags can't be dragged into folders. I currently have like 20+ tags and they're totally disorganized. I currently lack any way to organize them, so I'd request being able to file them into folders, the same as subscriptions.
  10. Ben Slayton

    Tags created but not available

    Hi, I normally read Inoreader via my Android handset, and use tags to organize starred articles. However, I've experienced several strange behaviors and serious issues in relation to the tags. Some tags, after adding them, simply disappear and are unusable. For instance: when I want to tag an article as Food, there is no Food tag in the list even though I've absolutely added it previously. When I add it again via the New Tag option, it says I already have a Food tag, cancels the operation, and the Food tag is not applied. When I go to the desktop and access the tags through the browser, there is no Food tag in the list of tags. When I tag an article with Food, it allows it and saves the tag but it's not actually saved; when I refresh the page, the article only has the tags it had before I added Food. Another issue is that oftentimes tags show up twice. I'll tag something and find (for instance) Web Design and 'Web Design' (note the '' around the second) both available in the list of tags. I've not used the '' ones, as they are obviously not supposed to be there. There will generally be several of the doubled tags, like Photo and 'Photo', MySQL and 'MySQL', etc. in one instance. It doesn't happen all the time but enough to see that something is amiss. Is there anything I can do to stop these behaviors? Thanks for any help you can give.
  11. I used Inoreader in conjunction with IFTTT to log and track certain content that I read, such as podcasts, to a Google Sheet to capture the various information available from Inoreader through the IFTTT channel. I am able to use a recipe to save this information to a Google Sheet without a problem but noticed for some reason that all of the tags associated with a piece of content were being combined into a single cell on the Google Sheet and didn't know if that was working "as designed" or if there was a way to separate each tag into its own cell which would be preferred for sorting purposes. Here is a link to the recipe that I created and have been using. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  12. Hello, Something else that comes to my mind: I like the function of adding tags in the app. It works smoothly, I don't need to type (guess that's the idea?). At the same time: in the mean time, I have some hundreds of tags (?), and sometimes, that's a lot of scrolling before I find the right tag, especially when I think about a tag beginning with 'w' and then with 'b', and then with 's'... So, might there be a way to add functionality? (without changing this one!) For instance some kind of pop up alfabet... as to quickly type 2 letters that immediately show the related tags... Greetings, B.
  13. Two quick suggestions here. Twitter and Facebook integration is great. But it would be useful if these subscriptions could be added on bundles. Right now, when creating a bundle, you aren't able to include Twitter and Facebook feeds. Inoreader has a browser extension. Inoreader has tags. Inoreader has saved web pages. What's missing? A way to directly save a web page under a specific tag using the extension ;).
  14. I have been using the free version and just signed up to take the pro version for a test ride. I wanted to get access to the Rules so that I can Tag incoming RSS feeds dynamically based on certain search criteria. I created the Rules correctly, but it seems like it was only able to add Tags to incoming posts if I manually go to the Rules setting and run the rule. Shouldn't the Rules be updating the Tags dynamically as new RSS feed posts come in? If so I believe there is a bug ... if not it is a must-have feature, I believe. One other possibility is that the Rules only run when I am active in Inoreader ... is that possible? It looks like a number of Rules just ran while I was typing this! Would appreciate the clarification. Thank you!
  15. Hello. The new "older articles" feature is very helpful. But it could be utilized further for tags and older content. For example, i'm right now using Trello and Inoreader to archive videos from some Youtube channels. Using IFTTT, i'm using a Trello list to view archived videos, with the older ones on top. I adopted this because Inoreader won't allow viewing all read articles only for a specific folder/tag, since enabling/disabling all/unread is a site-wide option (and because adding and removing tags using the desktop version could be easier). But the new "older articles" feature might be a solution for this (and allow me do away with external services for managing my content). Problem is that the new feature works only with the "newest first option". So, if i navigate to my videos tag, i'm forced to watch everything either newest first (which is not what i want for this specific tag) or enable/disable the all/unread feature. It might be more helpful if the new "older articles" worked with the oldest first sorting. But, in any case, i believe that there needs to be a revamping of the way tags work. Tags should be a system for better organizing our articles inside Inoreader, but today this system acts like another subscription. It would be great if tags worked independently and allowed us, for example, to show/hide all/unread articles without affecting this option for other folders. In any case, keep up the great work!
  16. Hi. I could use some help. I'm trying to figure out a way to create a feed for each of my folders that only pulls posts that have been tagged #example (for example). I understand how to create a feed for each folder. And I understand how to create a feed for a tag. But I need multiple feeds for the tagged (or favorited) posts in each folder. Does anyone know how I could do this? Thanks.
  17. Bizy


    Hello (again), Sometimes, I find myself adding the same tags again and again (depending on how the articles appear in my feed). I also find myself detagging the same items again and again (as the name of a folder is automatically added as a tag). So it would be useful to be able to select several articles and tag/detag them at the same time. Just an(other) idea. (No idea if it's possible...) Greetings, B.
  18. Hello! Is there a way to view (or generate an RSS feed for) articles that are tagged with two seperate tags? I need to export articles that are tagged with two or more specific tags (articles that match "tag A AND tag B", not "tag A OR tag B"). I though i could do it with an active search, but i'm not sure if there's a way to perform a search based on tags. Maybe this is possible using IFTTT? Can't figure it out, since the "New tagged Article" trigger only allows one tag. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi, I use Inoreader to define tags so I can easily and systematically save articles in Evernote. When using the web version, Inoreader shows the tags under the article which is great because on can immediately see if all tags are there or if another tag might be needed. In iOS this is complicated as one always has to open the tag menu and check from there. This costs a lot of time and the whole idea of automatic tagging is contradicted... Any chance this could be implemented? Would be awesome! Thanks a bunch in advance!
  20. I've just upgraded and have created a number of rules to sort incoming articles into various tags. These tags cut across my existing folder structure, which I want to keep. For example, a rule will add a tag called "China" to any article including the word "China" in the title or content. So one day it might tag articles in the folders called "WSJ", "FT" and "NYT". I will then read those articles by clicking on the China tag. The problem is that I am viewing, and marking as read, the articles under the tag "China" but they are not being marked as read in the folders "WSJ", "FT" and "NYT". I need them to be marked as read in the folders automatically so I can focus on articles which are not being tagged by rules. So please can you advise if it's possible to view articles under their tags, and have them marked as read under their folders? Thanks.
  21. mwisnicki

    Show tags in article list

    Add option to show tags directly in collapsed article like gmail. Have option to choose whether to show them on left or right side. Add configurable tag colors and perhaps per-tag flag whether it should be visible in message list (in case someone uses tags for something other than categorization).
  22. DJDB

    Random tags

    Hello. Just recently, Inoreader started showing some tags on my account which i'm not really sure what they represent. It's a blank one and some with a series of random characters. I didn't make them so i guess that it's a bug. Is it safe to delete them?
  23. I would like to see the sort options (newest/oldest and read/unread) be configurable by folder or tag instead of global settings. I usually read "All Articles" (or feeds with a large number of threads) by unread only and oldest first. This gives me the ability to read new articles only in chronological order. However, when I am looking at tags or some folders, I want to see all articles since there are not too many. Configuring all articles for them makes it a global change. This can be a lot of changing when jumping through a lot of different tags and folders. Thanks for considering.
  24. Hi all, it seems like the number of tags that can be created is limited (55 if i'm correct). Over this limit, new tags can be created but they never show up in any tag list Can you please allow a larger number of tags Thanks
  25. theMezz

    I just don't get TAGS

    I just don't get tags. When I TAG an article it already has the names of the folders I use for them AS tags. If I add a tag to it - the tag does NOT show up under my tags folder. It makes no sense to me. How the heck do you get tags to work???