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Found 35 results

  1. Hi, i am trying to import a feed from a rss from , but i can't find it on inoreader.... i tried to search by keysfin, then by, and nothing shows up, can you pls help? i'm am trying to get our rss index-able and i'm not sure why on inoreader is not working
  2. Apologies if this is elementary. I have an rss feed created from multiple facebook pages. A few questions: 1. Within the RSS feed itself, will the items show up in the order that they get queued in from the various streams? 2. If I put a filter on any of these streams, is that filter in effect also for the RSS feed created from those sources? Is there a way to actively deleted articles so that they will NOT show up in the RSS feed other than by pre-filtering? Thanks, Deborah
  3. I am usually able to work around issues with subscribing to blogs but this one is not cooperating. Here is the link to what is supposed to be the RSS feed to this blog: Thanks for the assistance.
  4. Hakan Tanriverdi

    Twitter RSS (search and lists)

    Hi, One (two?) features I would find useful: limiting twitter searches to accounts that I'm following. (Say some new topic pops up (it is going to land in trending) and I want to know what my followers are saying about this. Same thing, but applied to lists I am following. Is any of this doable as of now? (maybe via filtering?) Thanks for Inoreader. Enjoy using it very much.
  5. Klaspers

    Subscribe via URL invalid

    Hi, I am trying to subscribe to a feed by the Danish Meteorological Institue, with storm flood warnings etc. that are relevant for my job. Therefore I installed Inoreader as an alternative to Feedly to gain push notifications on my android device. However, it does not let me subscribe to the following URL, as I am able to do on Feedly. Instead I gain a notification saying "The URL you have entered is invalid!": Is it possible to set up this RSS?
  6. fun4jimmy

    Wrong icon for feed

    I have updated the favicon on my website recently hoping that it would fix the icon displayed by inoreader but it still seems to display the generic icon. What format should the favicon be to show up and what meta tags should it use? I've never successfully got it to display anything other than the default although I tried lots of variations. I'm also not sure how often it polls the site to check for a different icon. The website in question is Thanks, James
  7. Ron Turnbull

    Locally generated feeds

    It would be great if Inoreader was able to handle RSS feeds that were locally generated and not accessible to everyone via the internet. This would make the tool so much more valuable since we would be able to use Inoreader for reading email, subscribing to our company's intranet feeds and basically any other data source imaginable (e.g database lists with RSS feeds). I understand that these feeds would have to be handled and denoted differently because Inoreader does not manage them directly but the upside is that Inoreader would become the single interface for literally everything.
  8. Anthony V.

    Audio podcast not playing

    Hello, I am having some issues with audio podcasts from a specific radio. For example: The feed is correctly updating and the download link works. However, when I try to play an audio file, the file is added to the queue but can't be played. It's probably related to the rss format but is there anything I can do on my side ? I don't have any problems with all my other audio feeds. Best regards, Anthony. PS: Thank you for this awesome reader.
  9. It appears that certain words do not return any responses when searching the Inoreader forum. e.g. rss It was the very first search term that I tried. Most likely the system does not index it and probably does not consider it because of its size and perceived value. Can someone please comment on this? Do you get the same result? Workarounds?
  10. blacknwhite

    Filter feed (in) not (out)

    I like the filter feature, right now you can filter out matching rules from the feed, but I was wondering if it is possible to filter out everything that (doesn't) match the filter rule(s). Also, does regex work with filters like with rules?
  11. I just started using the Twitter integration feature (I used to use a third-party workaround for getting Twitter RSS feeds, but doing it in Inoreader is much easier). However, I've noticed that I'm also getting replies for the Twitter account, rather than just the account's "main" tweets, if you know what I mean. I'm not a Twitter user myself, so am not too familiar with it or the terminology. Is there any way to fix this? I'd just like to see the tweets in this section in my reader and nothing else: Not sure if there's a setting I'm missing or whether I should post this as a feature request.
  12. I run a few custom feeds from my own server and noticed that the embedded video elements loading in on some of my articles all have the <video> "controls" attribute stripped out of them. Is there any particular security or cosmetic reason for this? Or was it just a choice from the developers? Is it possible there's something missing from my end that only I'm experiencing? I'd like to see video control attributes remain untouched if present, or maintain whatever state they're sent in, but I am curious to know the details of this or if there's any other information a developer at inoreader could provide. I appreciate any help. Thanks!
  13. An own extension was created for InoReader. You don't need to use GoogleReaderClone extension anymore. Download: News+:
  14. I think that the ones that work have https urls, and the ones that don't work are http. eg: working: not working: I'm not certain what the correct way to subscribe to youtube feeds is, but what I had been doing for 90% of my youtube feeds appears to have broken overnight. Richard
  15. Backspaze

    About Youtube RSS feed

    I posted a comment in the blog post about the changes to Youtube RSS feed and thought I'd post it here too in case someone missed it and might have use for it. "Ok maybe I've missed something but when I found out about this I unsubscribed from my Youtube-feed in Inoreader and then subscribed to it again the same way I did the last time, using "{USER_ID}/newsubscriptionvideos" and it's working exactly like before with video descriptions and all. I followed the instructions in this link """ I prefer this way since I can just browse Youtube and add subscriptions and they will all just pop up in Inoreader automatically instead of having to add every channel manually. As stated above, I may have missed some news/statement/info somewhere that explains why this still works even though, as I understand it, it shouldn't. But it works for me at least so I thought I'd share it. EDIT: Ok so, since about a week ago this method doesn't work anymore for me either. Must have been some kind of delay or something since they officially pulled the plug on April 20. Feel free to delete this thread.
  16. Backspaze

    Youtube-feed cURL error 28

    This Youtube-channel doesn't give a working rss-feed . Crawl history shows cURL error 28 and Feed Validator says it's not valid .
  17. Hi everyone, Ever since I started using Inoreader, I've been making usage notes about it in a Microsoft OneNote notebook. I am now making that Inoreader Notebook public. If you click on the link, it will open the notebook in your browser. The notebook has sections such as Features, Apps, Browser Integration, Use cases, Reviews, RSS in General, IFTTT and more. Here's what the notebook looks like, opened at the page about the recent update to the Bundles feature: The notebook is a work in progress and I'm kindly inviting you to contribute. The idea is to collect notes on how we are using Inoreader so we all may benefit from that. You may request edit access through a private message here on the forum or by connecting to me on Twitter at @CleverClogs. Contributors can open the notebook for editing in OneNote in their browser, on the desktop (Windows or Mac OS X) or in the OneNote app on their mobile devices. Your thoughts and feedback most welcome! Marjolein
  18. As I try to understand problem I got in an autopublishing process (from InoReader to WordPress), I had a look at the source code of feeds exported by InoReader. Not really convinced it impacts my problem, but surprisingly, I noticed that the feed contains mixed elements/references of RSS and Atom format elements! Is there a reason why? Is it about Superfeedr partnership? Best regards, Serge
  19. Hey, a couple of days ago adding youtube feeds stoped working. Before I could add the channel url and it would add as a feed (I have about 20+ added this way). However now it only gives back the message: "no feeds found". This url for example: Has something changed? Thx, andrej
  20. Hi! I don't see the notes in the generated xml. How I can add this field to the output xml? Or how I can get it? Thanks!
  21. I'm trying to subscribe to a new comic's RSS feed at: Safari recognizes this as an RSS feed, and says no RSS reader found. (Is there a way to tell Safari that I'm using a web RSS reader?) In inoreader, when I click on the gear and enter the URL into the add new subscriptions: I get: "no feeds found"
  22. Hi, First thing first, Inoreader is Awesomee !! Ok now thing is that my sister want to use my Broadcasted RSS Feed from inoreader in her personal RSS reader but that Reader is not accepting this feed citing it as invalid. Now when I checked my current Broadcasted Feed and also other exported Feeds are not Validating with "Feed Validator" and probably thats why my sister is not able to subscribe to my RSS channel. Link to RSS validator results : one more : The errors I got was : This feed does not validate. line 58, column 22: Invalid email address: oliveremberton [help] <author>oliveremberton</author> This feed does not validate. line 34, column 27: Invalid email address: Kate Torgovnick May (20 occurrences) [help] <author>Kate Torgovnick May</author> Reason for my concern is that the original RSS feeds that I Subscribed to are all passing the Validation but Inoreader generated one are not. So there must be some issue with how Inoreader is generating RSS. Original RSS which are all passing: Can somebody help me here and see if its an actual issue.
  23. it would be very nice to have an option for following other users Channel. right now users can connect together but it is different from following an specific user channel; for example i want other people follow my Channel but i don't want to have their Channel in my channels list; so in this situation "Follow Channel" option could be useful.
  24. Hi, We are created a RSS feed from a forum posts.. Its shown fine in Firefox default RSS reader, but in inoreader, nested <blockquote> tags not showing good. Please refer to attached screenshot. Thank you
  25. Hi, guys. I have a shared feed folder containing an rss item sourced from google news. The source rss feed address is: shared through Inoreader the links within feed items break because Inoreader translates single-character ampersands into their html encoding, i.e. & -> & See below. The first link is the original linked item as output by the google feed, with working links. The second link is the same item as processed through Inoreader's shared folder feed, with the translated ampersands which break the link. there a way to turn off the ampersand encoding, or another way to stop links from being altered? Thanks.