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Found 4 results

  1. Gokudera ElPsyCongroo

    Bigger frame or no frame for the web view?

    Hello, I use the web view (the globe button next to the mobilizer) a lot and I wonder if it's possible to make sure that it opens in a longer frame, or even in no frame at all and directly where the articles are located (in other words I would love to have the same kind of view as the mobilizer view, but with the original site formatting if possible). But maybe removing the frame isn't possible I think, if there is a need of a place to contain the original website, so a good solution would be to make a frame that expands dynamically to fit the size of the original website? (the same way the mobilizer view does) Sorry, I don't know if I'm clear, I'm French , I just think that that frame is too small to allow a comfortable read and would love a way to expand it. Thank you very much, love your app!
  2. Hello, That would be great because I always have to click again under the title, or scroll down so that the article fill the screen (in expanded view), and that's not fast and easy with that iframe. Thanks,
  3. Hi! When I use your mobilizer feature for RSS feed I get sometimes a part of wrong page code (with error) instead of mobilized content I need. How to reproduce: My feed code: Post with problem Wrong code from line 277 in Chrome incognito tab (error): Correct content that actually must be fetched from line 288 (vacancy description): For example, this is correctly mobilized page. Here is an answer from support (in russian, this is not their problem). Thanks.
  4. Gokudera ElPsyCongroo

    New French user - web view not always working?

    Hello, Since I read a lot I was a very active user of Feedly, but I was using it with many extensions and scripts to enhance the app, without knowing that nearly all the features I needed... were built in your app! Having a full article view seems simple but Feedly doesn't even have that and visiting all websites is very annoying when you have such a centralized place as a RSS reader. So I use your full article view, which is excellent, in combination with the "web view" (sorry, my interface is in french, so I don't know how we call it in English, it's the globe button prior to the mobilizer view, which permits to display the original website directly in inoreader). I love it and it works great but not with all websites (I use it on Firefox) : - sometimes it only returns a blank space. - sometimes it loads for a long time and Firefox eventually displays "time delay exceeded" (in French, maybe it's not the same error message in English) - sometimes Firefox stops the loading because the original source isn't https (which is normal for security reasons, but is it possible to force https?) - sometimes it simply doesn't fetch the source ,but the mobilizer ALWAYS work, I love it, but I like to be able to see the original formatting of the page for esthetic and accessibility reasons (and because sometimes the mobilizer doesn't display pictures or embedded content, which I think is normal?). Are those limitations of the web app, normal? I initially thought that the websites I was trying to read had a way to prevent inoreader from displaying them, however in the Palabre app for inoreader, the web view works for all websites I tested. Thank you very much for your app! And sorry for my English, which is sometimes weird Edit: I think I fixed by downloading that addon (for firefox) : I haven't tested with all websites but it works for now, I'll let you know. But I don't understand why it works with that extension? What are the pros and cons of replacing x-frames by iframes?