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Found 14 results

  1. Bob Shark

    6.1 Layout Stinks

    Hey guys, I just got used to the 6.0 card layout and - except for the broken YouTube videos - was starting to enjoy it. But I just installed 6.1 5673 and I gotta say, the 6.1 card layout, the one where the cards stay to the left of the article rather than allowing the article to go full screen, is just bad. It's a terrible use of space. Please go back to the full screen articles - or make it an option for users who want to hide that column.
  2. In the new IOS reader the list of subscriptions on the left disappears when all articles have been read. Even after choosing 'All articles' in the View tab, the subscriptions are still hidden, which makes it impossible to look for a previously read article.
  3. Quotes are escaped in iOS push notification. See attachment for detail. I'm on iOS 9.3.3
  4. lemnope

    "Mark above as read" in iOS app

    Is there an option in the iOS mobile app, like there is on the web version, to mark all articles above the currently viewed one, as read?
  5. Stephen McAuley

    IOS Roadmap?

    It would be cool to have a roadmap of upcoming features that are planned for the ios app?
  6. I'm not sure if it's a bug or intended behavior, but since the last update Safari View opens in a small window instead of full screen as it used to. If this for some reason is intended then at least add an option to run it full screen, such a waste of screen real estate otherwise. iPad Mini 2, iOS 9.2.1.
  7. Using Inoreader on a new device. Upon login it had old folders and content. The same account on my iPhone is fine, up to date. I had been using both, with perfect syncing of read/unread, etc. between them. I tried exporting an OPML from my old laptop and importing that to my new one.
  8. Varun Prasad

    How to enable offline mode in iOS app

    I'm not exactly sure how to enable offline mode in iOS app. Also is it possible to take an entire feeds offline along with images so it can be used in areas with poor network?
  9. I really like inoreader on the desktop. It's become my go-to rss reader since the demise of google reader. On the desktop I have a large monitor, and when I set the article font size to "huge" it really makes each feed easy to read. It's probably my eyes - which do far too much browsing of computers, but I've just bought an ipad mini, and even on the largest "you need glasses" setting, I can't seem to get the font large enough to read comfortably. I've set the ipad font size and accessibility size to large, and while that makes mail really readable, it doesn't seem to affect inoreader. Is there any way, in a future version, there could be a larger range of font sizes? Or, possibly, that the app could link with the ipad accessibility settings. For reference, I think I'd probably set the font to twice the size of the "you need glasses" setting, given the chance.
  10. Backspaze

    Firefox browser option?

    Now that Firefox finally is available on iOS, do you have any plans to add it as a browser option?
  11. Great to see that the "Saved web pages"-feature made it to the iOS app but I have one issue with it. For me it just synced my five latest saved pages. I suspect it has something to do with how long ago i saved them, since all pages that's more than four weeks old doesn't get synced, which is the same limit unread articles in the RSS feed have before they are marked as read automatically. Is there a fix for this or do I have to save the pages again?
  12. rcharbon

    Mid-word link breaks

    This morning, I noticed that some posts have line breaks in the middle of words. For example: ( or and ( And also: though I didn't get a screen shot. I recently updated to the latest version 3.3 build 5035 Iphone 5s, , iOS up to date and settings:
  13. For articles listed in the iOS app, the title and publishing website are displayed but no other article attribution information (for instance, the person who posted it or the author of the article). The web version for iOS lists the complete information. It would be useful to see all of the attribution information for an article in the iOS app, too.
  14. hursey013

    Bug - Tagging posts

    After tagging a post in iOS, you can click the tag option again and see that the checkmarks next to the selected tags are no longer there. Strangely enough though, the selected tags are applied to the most recent story in your feed. Wish I could provide a video or something, but let me know if I can provide additional details. Thanks!