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Found 11 results

  1. I use IFTTT in combination with Inoreader and have done so for quite awhile. I have an Inoreader rule that I use in combination with IFTTT that when I tag a piece of content it will run a IFTTT recipe to create a log entry in a Google Drive spreadsheet. I have been using it for about two years without any issue. I just noticed today that when I tag an item using the Inoreader mobile app, it will add the tag to that item and shows it in the rules log but it does not trigger the IFTTT recipe to run but if I tag an item through the web interface / browser the IFTTT recipe triggers "immediately". I can reproduce it consistently. Any thoughts or additional information I can provide? Thanks.
  2. Hello. IFTTT integration has been down for me for the past couple of days and some applets i've created there refuse to work. I've contacted IFTTT and their response was that they are "aware of the issue and working with our team on a fix". Are you aware of this? Any news or any fix? Thanks!
  3. 1 July 2017 IFTTT failed to post to Wordpress for around 4 hours From 9:20 to 13:20 UTC and possibly for 5 hours earlier today. I know this is an issue with IFTTT from time to time with multiple networks. Checking their status page shows no issues with Inoreader or Wordpress So, when user is setting up for the first time, they assume it is their error with Inoreader rules or IFTTT Applets, and spend hours trying to find what they did wrong. Could Inoreader do any of the following (if not already available). Set up a demo Wordpress site plus demos for Instapaper, Evernote etc Feed these with a popular feed or feeds that post regularly eg BBC, CNN (Using IFTTT for Wordpress). This would have several benefits: 1. Live demos for prospective users / customers. 2. Examples of what output looks like on these systems. 3. A quick way for users to confirm these services are working - particularly IFTTT 4. If some code was written (maybe even use Zapier) Inoreader could be notified if these services do not receive posts within x minutes, Inoreder users / customers could see these notifications on the status page.
  4. Jonathan R. Williford

    Ifttt not working with premium plan

    I paid for the premium plan so that I could have starred items saved to my Evernote. However, it looks like the applet never runs. I'm using the applet "Send starred articles to Evernote" by Inoreader (Applet ID 50081298d). However, it says that the applet has "Never run", even after clicking "Check now" (even though it then says "Applet checked" at the top of the page). I have been trying to get this to work since yesterday.
  5. A couple days ago my IFTTT "Star Inoreader" > OneNote integration broke and threw my routine into absolute chaos. I was ripping my hair out trying to figure it out and even contacted IFTTT several times. Some really important things didn't get forwarded and there were several near-misses. Turns out Inoreader disabled the feature for all users and made it a feature only for the highest paid level plan. I had no idea. Not one simple email, RSS notification, anything... not even a fucking banner saying "We're going to take away a feature really important to you but can't afford because we can. Happy Holidays!". Very disappointing about the change, lack of communication and fact that this happened skillfully after the Black Friday deal was over. I wish you guys had not added IFTTT integration to the basic service from the beginning. It's a common tactic. Give something away for free for just enough time that users are using it, then charge maximum rates for that single feature. I don't mind you charging for this kind of thing; what bothers me if that I found it, thought "great! I can use this with the basic plan. Let me find a way to make this integration useful for my daily life!" then have to do a complete 180 and find another solution. Another thing - Display bugs I reported long ago have gone unnoticed because they're "low priority". Downright simple feature requests I asked for? Who cares... right? I feel like once an institution becomes a certain size/% of market, it stops caring about its users. I think Inoreader has proverbially crossed this line.
  6. I used Inoreader in conjunction with IFTTT to log and track certain content that I read, such as podcasts, to a Google Sheet to capture the various information available from Inoreader through the IFTTT channel. I am able to use a recipe to save this information to a Google Sheet without a problem but noticed for some reason that all of the tags associated with a piece of content were being combined into a single cell on the Google Sheet and didn't know if that was working "as designed" or if there was a way to separate each tag into its own cell which would be preferred for sorting purposes. Here is a link to the recipe that I created and have been using. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  7. I create a recipe to save web pages from pocket. But I could not find any items in my "saved web pages". It supposed to be there. If I marked a label, I could find the items under the label. If not, I could not find them anywhere. What it is the problem?
  8. Hello! Is there a way to view (or generate an RSS feed for) articles that are tagged with two seperate tags? I need to export articles that are tagged with two or more specific tags (articles that match "tag A AND tag B", not "tag A OR tag B"). I though i could do it with an active search, but i'm not sure if there's a way to perform a search based on tags. Maybe this is possible using IFTTT? Can't figure it out, since the "New tagged Article" trigger only allows one tag. Thanks in advance.
  9. Today not work INoreader with IFTTT, there is any problem? Thanks
  10. IFTTT is one of the best things since sliced bread. I use it to ensure that everything I tag/favourite/add on miscellaneous services gets bookmarked to Pinboard with the relevent tags (and archived, for that matter as I paid for the Pinboard Plus service). There is a channel for F---ly but we need one for Inoreader! Then my tagged Inoreader articles can automatically be archived at Pinboard with the same tags and my world would be complete. I'll attach an image showing my IFTTT recipes so you get the idea but its things like: If I like a video on Vimeo, then send the link to Pinboard.If I post a link to Facebook, then send the link to Pinboard... etc!IFTTT even have a convenient Partnership inquiries page... My recipes:
  11. I was a long time user of Google Reader and then Feedly following its shutdown just recently became aware of Inoreader and have been testing it as an alternative to Feedly as I believe it appears to provide a more fully functional application / set of services with one exception which is the integration with either (or both) IFTTT and/or Zapier. The use of ideally IFTTT with Inoreader would be critical to my use of the service and I was wondering whether there were any planned integration with either service or not. I did not intend to "overstep my boundaries" here but did send an inquiry to Zapier to see if they had any plans on their roadmap for such an integration and they indicated "not at this time" but suggested having the Inoreader Team contact them at one of the following links, their request site or via their developer site. I also am a user of IFTTT and have sent a similar inquiry to their attention but have not received a response. I will look forward to some feedback on this topic. Thanks in advance for your assistance.