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Found 7 results

  1. Stephen McAuley

    Ipad app sort order

    Ability to save sort orders other than the default: I would like my News folder to have the most recent articles first but prefer others to have oldest first, I can do this in the web app but not on ios Regards Stephen
  2. Me And You

    YouTube frame looks like a stripe

    Hi! Here is one problem (and one question). If I read an article with embedded YouTube video I got a tiny frame for it. How to make it larger? And the question is, is there any way to view embedded YouTube video fullscreen in resolution greater than 360p? Thanks.
  3. Stephen McAuley

    Ipad App suggestions

    1: ability to open directly in the native app (eg tap on a twitter link and it opens Twitter app instead of a browser and then a popup asking about opening in app, app store) 2: go directly to list of articles from folder rather than the list of feeds (configurable) 3: Use ios share sheet rather than the current share system (again, optional) 4: Ability to configure filters from the app 5: Ability to show/sort by most articles in feed or stat view in app
  4. I've created an account via web and imported my feeds (around 100 of them). Then, I've installed the Inoreader from the German App Store on my iPad 2, which if fully upgreaded to the newest iOS. I chose the Google login, introduced my data, and confirmed the request for permission (it was in German). After this the application instantly minimized. Whenever I try to maximize it it instantly minimizes again. Also, the window of the application is totally empty. I don't see any feeds in it nor any text. I've tried to shut down the application and the whole system. Didn't help; it's still the same. Any suggestions?
  5. newsome

    Reeder 2 for iPhone/iPad

    I still update my iOS apps manually (mostly because I do it at home on wifi, as opposed to using my data plan), and I updated Reeder 2 today to find Inoreader support. I like the new Inoreader iOS app, but Reeder 2 is obviously much farther ahead in development, and is really slick.
  6. cyberbiker

    iPad App feature request

    2 thoughts about the new iPad app: 1. iPad App mark read when scrolled off screen at the top. 2. If you fully open an article, return to the article list when you "X" out of the article rather than the headline page.
  7. I've noticed recently that when I access Inoreader mobile on my iPad (IOS 7.1) using Safari and Google sign-in, I have to sign in again every day. This is kind of annoying because I use Google's two-step security and don't always have my phone handy to receive the text. Why can't it keep me signed in for a longer period of time? Thanks.