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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, rules (and filters) are cool but missing one feature to be used in a very clever way. The feature I'm talking about is the possibility to assign one rule to multiple triggers (like folders). I'm facing the problem that I have four folders that needs almost same rules to filter-out (mark-as-read) undesired content. Currently this rule contains 45 entries and is growing. I have to maintain this rule four times 😕 I hoped it would be possible to workaround this problem with two rules. One rule assign tags to the folder (Pic), another one do the magic with the matched tags (Pic) It would be great to define multiple triggers so the rule can match multiple folders. What's not possible or not desired: (Not desired) Put all affected feeds in one folder (Not working) Assign tags to the affected feeds (with a "proxy rule") and with a second rule do the desired actions on matched tags (Not applicable) Use the 'another rule matched' function -> just for chaining of rules, still one trigger (Not possible) Manage rules via API
  2. Hello everyone in the community. Right now I subscribe to over a hundred RSS feeds, applying the very same lengthy Regex filter to each subscription. Going one by one and applying those filters manually can take hours and I frequently need to review those filters again. So you get the picture. Is there a way I can apply the same filter to all/selected subscriptions automatically? Thank you very much, I love the system and it helps me a LOT everyday.
  3. Hey, i recently started to use filters to my feeds. I filter my feeds to keep only articles if they contain specific words. However i want to somehow to be able to filter out any article that contains a "blacklisted" word, even if they do contain one of the words i am searching for So essentially: Keep only articles if they contain either words: Word A, word B, word C, etc. AND they do not contain either of the words: Word A, word B, word C, etc. Any suggestion of a way to implement this? I'm thinking i might need to get started on RegEx formatting, but have no experience with this, so if this is indeed the best solution, any startup help would be appreciated. Best, Nicolai
  4. Hello Inoreaders, Is there any way to filter articles according to its language?? Obviously when I suscribe a feed I already know what its language is, but this could be very usefull in order to filter a global article search where usually a lot of languages are present. I know translation is also available, but I prefer to filter non-english articles. I suppose Inoreader (thanks to Microsoft technology, Bing or whatever) just knows what is the language of an article (in order to translate it), so, it shouldnt be difficult to include this filter. Any suggestion / idea? Thanks in advance, Edited - One related question about language filtering. About one year ago, maybe now with translations this filter could be easier: Raúl.
  5. When looking at feeds at the folder level, and selecting "Filter feed" for a given feed/article, the existing filter for that feed isn't automatically shown in the filter popup. When looking directly at a single feed, the existing filter will is populated into the popup automatically. I have noticed I can use "Copy from another filter" to manually check for existing filters. So it's not a deal-breaker, just a seems more like an issue than a feature request.
  6. I've seen a real up-tick in the number of sponsored posts (ie. ads) in my feeds. I don't think it's the sort of thing that can be handled by simple filter rules - a few sites mark those posts with a keyword like 'sponsored' but most don't. I think the problem could only be solved by some sort of trainable filtering like what is used for spam detection for e-mail. The sort of prediction algorithms needed to do this really well are now widely available and cheap, but I suspect this would still be a lot of work. The upside is that features like 'spam filtering' or 'ad blocking' are easy to popular and widely understood.
  7. Hello, I enjoyed using filter to reduce the noise from certain feeds. But sometimes I'd like to see the feeds without filter to check whether the content providers changed their patterns of title/content. Any good way to compare filter/unfiltered feeds without deleting the existing filter? Thanks. Zhen
  8. I enjoy browsing the trending feed for finding popular "articles" I may have missed, but it could be better. My suggestion is: Allow me to block specific sources from the trending feed This should cut down on the noise. It would also be nice if it didn't show me the same articles twice. If this is already possible, I couldn't figure out how. Hope you like the idea. ~ Devin ~
  9. Hello, In the general behaviour, you can filter out similar articles with the same URL or title for all your account. It works, but only in the account. I need to have the same option to filter rss feeds. I can not send a feed with 3 times the same article to my readers. And, at the same time, I need to automate a process. It is as important as the new filter to permit articles. It would be logical to develop this option ? What do you think about this idea ?
  10. Would it be possible to add a filter to limit the languages in the RSS articles? Sometimes RSS feeds are mixed languages, russian, chinese etc... I do not see the value in having to go through the entire feed to pick the english language rss items and filter all the languages that I don't understand? It's wasting a lot of my time in my workflow and I'm sure that others have the same issues. Mixed languages feeds are becoming more & more prevalent in this globally connected world... If the above is not possible/or is too complicated for you to implement how about a general filter on-off for the Latin alphabet (Cuts down on a sizable chunk of non-english at least)?
  11. I'm currently subscribed to an Associated Press feed: A very large number of articles are retrieved from this feed daily and when I view "All articles" almost every article is from AP. It would be great if there were a way to exclude feeds like these from "All articles" without having to deactivate them. This would make it much easier to view all content from all my other feeds. Hopefully this all makes sense. Keep up the great work.
  12. Mark F

    Feed Filter not working

    I'm new here, so maybe I'm just doing something wrong. But I placed a filter on a feed from, and I've attached a screenshot of the filter. It's not filtering the articles, and just showing what looks like every article in the feed. I've also tried putting quotes around the two word phrases, but that didn't help. Is this a bug, or am I doing my filter wrong? Note: I was searching in Title & Content, but I thought I'd try narrowing it down to just title so I could easily see if it's misfiltered.
  13. I and several of my clients/students are complaigning about filters not working as they should. I've build a test crossing the possibilities of ALL/ANY and DOES/DOES NOT contain... and well... it doesn't work well ! I definetely know that filters are working on characters chains and not words... until you precise it. I'll ask some of my contacts to explain thir own issues ! Best regards Serge MATCH ANY + DOESN'T CONTAIN I get for example... wich doesn't fit! MATCH ALL + DOESN'T CONTAIN I get this that contains Berlin but no turq
  14. RSSCircus

    Improving filters

    I know we already have this discussion, but I'm so disappointed that nothing new comes in this area ! "Block" AND "Permit" logic for filters It's really annoying not to have the two possibilities for filters. Most of new users don't understand that to "permit", they have to "remove articles that... doesn't contain" Naming filters... then choosing filters in a list to apply to a feed It would be so much easier if we could build a filter list (in the settings panel), naming them clearly, then having the possibility to apply a filter to the feeds we want through a dropdown list. If we had to change the filter, we could do that in a sole interface. The change would impact all the feeds at once! Filtering folders I can understand it could be challenging for your infrastructure but as it's possible for rules, it would be deeply useful to have the ability to filter folders! Thanks so much though for all the good work you do! Best regards Serge
  15. blacknwhite

    Filter feed (in) not (out)

    I like the filter feature, right now you can filter out matching rules from the feed, but I was wondering if it is possible to filter out everything that (doesn't) match the filter rule(s). Also, does regex work with filters like with rules?
  16. The filter similar articles is a great addition that saves time by not showing the same article twice. However, this feature breaks my workflow with mail2tag because some emails that get saved with a tag have the same subject but different content (emails from a newsletter for instance) Is it possible to restrict which folders are filtered? Or better yet, specify which folders you dont want to be filtered? Thank you
  17. Should these two articles have been filtered since their titles are identical? I had several like this in my feed this morning.
  18. Hello. I'm trying to filter RSS feed based on its contents (not title) using regular expressions, but it doesn't work as expected. "Content > doesn't match regular expression". And here is the regex: It should filter all the articles in the feed except those with specific actors mentioned in its content. Instead Inoreader filters every single article in the feed, so there are no articles at all. The language of the RSS feed is russian and I think it could be the problem.
  19. Sorry to bother you again with my "YahooPipes-like" feature request ! A significative amount of reputable sources doesn't propose specific feeds for their inner sections but have <category> or <dc:subject> HTML tags in their main feeds For example: all Flipboards sources and magazines > > > > It woud be useful to have the possibility to filter the tag content... (<category>, <source>, <author>...) Best regards, Serge
  20. Sometimes articles those should be filtered out apear a while and then filtered. However, filters should work correctly at every receiving. Is it a known issue? Thanks.
  21. Hakan Tanriverdi


    Hi, I've wondered whether it would be possible to fetch an .xml that covers the whole front page of a given site and then to apply a filter and let only articles by specified authors show up in my feed. Did this applying "filter feed" and "author" "isn't" (match ALL of the following) . I did this for - and it worked just great. So I'm already loving this feature and would pay for that one alone. But unfortunately it doesn't seem to work reliably. Tried to do it both for Motherboard (Vice) and NYT (Home page) with six authors in the first case, up to 50 in the latter case. It didn't work. The authors have published articles in the meantime, of course. What do I need to do differently? EDIT: NYT seems to work now. Motherboard doesn't. NYT has individual RSS for each other, Motherboard hasn't. EDIT2: Motherboard works now, too. Simon helped me with this one. Solution: Author isn't given with his/her name only but with an extended (for Motherboard)" so it slips through the "isn't" filter. Now trying to figure out a way to work with Slate.
  22. Hello, I doubt that there is anything that can be done about this, but I thought that I would bring it up anyway. I noticed that there are some news stories that get picked up nationwide that are all exactly the same and are simply rebroadcasted by several different news outlets with different call letters. Therefore, what happens is even though the main title and content are both exactly the same, the stories all still show up even when you setup Inoreader to filter out similar articles because the news outlets add their call letters to the end of the title. Example: This is an Example Title - WXBN News This is an Example Title - WBBM News So I guess what I am wondering is if there could be a way to filter out similar articles based on just their titles and not the news outlets call letters? Thanks, Chad
  23. Even for some advanced users, the way filters have to be constructed is a source of headaches. When you just want to get only items containing a specific word, you're obliged to create a filter that says "remove articles that doesn't contain this word". A twisted logic (even if it's logical, of course). Wouldn't be possible, like the near defunct Yahoo Pipes, to create filters that "permit" or "block" items responding to specific criterium? Best regards Serge
  24. Hi there, I am discovering Inoreader's rules and honestly this is a true hapiness (after a rather tough learning curve, though). Nonetheless I am still having difficulties with comparing and maintaining my criterias' lists, since I have constantly new ideas of criterion to add to my rules. A very useful feature would be to allow users to reorder criterias in list manually, for instance to present them alphabetic order (such feature was also dramatically missing in Yahoo! Pipes). You might get inspiration from Trello boards, which are very convenient.BTW it would be also very pleasant to be able to manage my rules from a mobile device (from a tablet at least). Thanks and best regards, EF
  25. One of the features I like about Favorites/Stars was the ability to filter a folder/subscription to only show starred/favorites. Now that the suggested usage of favorites/stars has changed, is there a way to filter a folder/sub by a tag? I realize filter by Starred is still there.