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Found 34 results

  1. Inoreader is having trouble detecting the feeds from these pages are indeed RSS feeds. I'm able to add them to feedbin but not inoreader. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. If the href attribute of '<a>' element which contains a custom schema like 'thunder://' or 'ed2k://', there is a problem with href. eg:
  3. If you put the Firefox extension in the spill menu (the arrows) pictured below, the pop up window gets buggy with weird looking scroll bars. If you add a feed this way you can't really see the complete status message to the right as it's out of bounds and you can't scroll far enough to see it. I'm running Firefox 60.0.2 at the moment but I believe this issue has been there since at least FF 57+.
  4. When I try to mark an article as read or mark it with a star, it does not work as expected on my tablet. When I swipe at "normal" speed to the left or right, nothing happens. W hen I swipe really fast, it does work sometimes, but that's not really convenient. The tablet is a Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F with Android 6.0. Screen resolution is 1200x1920 Screen density is 1.625 I'm currently using Inoreader 5.3.20(427). On my phone Inoreader is working perfectly and it was also working on another tablet I was using before.
  5. Hello, I am a pro user with inoreader and I set to receive important update with mobile push and emails. when there has any update matches my rules, I can receive a email successfully .BUT I CANT receive mobile notifications at the same time. I found that only when I change my mobilephone's network state , I can receive the push from inoreader android app. such as change it from wifi to 4G , or 4G to wifi. I have given Inoreader all privileges it needed, and set the self-startup. so Whats the problem please? Android 7.0 and Inoreader 5.3.18(424)
  6. xiaozuo

    big bug:Home can not be registered;

    Home can not be registered; When i entered the mail, the password click on the registration, no black; And my account is not registered successfully;
  7. Federico Bechini

    Bug: Youtube feed slow

    I have imported subscription opml YouTube feeds (shown as realtime in info). But when i check in my youtube account it has a lot of new videos but inoreader is slow like 10 hours after . Of course i try refreshing in inoreader but still show no new content. This is normal? How i can get realtime? (In feedly this happend too.) Thanks
  8. Ran into what looks like an API bug while testing an app that uses the Inoreader API. Here's the sequence of events: Subscribed to a new feed Starred a couple of articles for further study Unsubscribed from the feed At this point, the Inoreader website continued to show the starred articles, but they were left out of my API calls. My call was (with app ID and key redacted):*****&AppKey=*****&n=20&r=o&ot=0&it=user/-/state/ When, the next day, I re-subscribed to the feed and re-starred the articles (they weren't marked as starred in the feed view on the Inoreader website, which I found strange), the web version of Inoreader added them to the starred list (as duplicates, from the user's perspective), but my stream call was able to pick them up. I was able to duplicate the problem, though the 2nd time the Inoreader website re-associated the stars when I re-subscribed. The feed I used, if you need it, was "MySQL Performance Blog" (
  9. The feed health indicator on my "statistics" page says that a feed could not be found for this URL: Nevertheless, that feed is working as expected, and its items are displayed when I click on it. I've removed and re-added it, but the problem persists.
  10. After using either the bookmarklet or the search bar to save, the reader pane of list, column, card, and magazine view in the saved web pages page is empty. The view's reader_pane div contains no elements. This prevents the viewing of other saved web pages. In expanded view, I can see an empty item at the top of the saved web pages. (Screenshot attached.) Deleting the empty item in expanded view fixes all other views.
  11. indianahorst

    Feed stopped working

    Hello Inoreader Team, since Monday my most important RSS Feed is broken: Another Feed from the same website is working: The Feed is working when I add it in another Feedreader (Liferea for example) and the Feed is valid: So it has something to do with Inoreader. Could you please fix this problem? Thank you!
  12. Hello, Even if is set to remove duplicates with same url or article title, my ino displays everything. Could you please fix this, was a very cool feature, Thanks! Seb
  13. olivier houssin

    [BUG] Account work on mobile only

    Hi, So i used Facebook account to create one from my phone, but i can't get my account from my laptop. I also think that I have 2 account from the same e-mail, could you check please ? Thanks.
  14. Hello all, Inoreader doesn't collect newsfeeds anymore since the last 5 hours (see the image). This is with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. No adblocker installed. When I log in with my parents account; No problem; The latest news is from 11 minutes ago. Yesterday the same problem happened. So I took a look at the preferences: In the subscriptions there were some pink, not working ones. And I removed those. I thought 'I've found the bug.' But now it's happening again. Found again 2 subscriptions coloured pink, and again I removed those. But this time, Inoreader doesn't start collecting new feeds. Who knows how to solve this? Edit: Solved. I see now, I selected to see only 'starred' articles...
  15. The CacheList folder shows up in the gallery because the .nomedia file erroneously has a space character at the beginning.
  16. CrackedLCD

    Swipe right gets hung up mid-swipe

    Hello all, I have been having an issue with the latest version of InoReader for Android, and surprisingly I failed to report it here when it first came up. I seem to be experiencing an issue with swiping right on multiple articles to mark them as read. When looking at a feed list, I like to sometimes swipe individual articles to the right to mark as read and then go back later and read all the leftover stuff. Unfortunately, it seems that the swipe right feature is borked. If I try to do a second swipe right, it gets 'hung' halfway on screen and sticks. Sometimes it doesn't recognize the swipe at all, and the Mark As Read option list comes up instead. There's a picture attached that shows what it looks like. If I don't touch the app, it'll stay in that state on its own forever! To reproduce: * Tap on an RSS feed to bring up the article list. * Swipe an article to the right to mark it as read. * Swipe a second article to the right to mark it as read, too. The swipe hangs mid-way. This only happens when trying to swipe a second article as read, and only if the list isn't moved up or down. If I scroll down even a little bit, it won't do this. I've been able to reproduce this on two phones (Moto Droid Turbo running 5.0 and an HTC Droid DNA on 4.4.4) but not on my Acer A700 running CM11. The tablet doesn't hang when swiping but the swipe action is very, very sensitive and has to be done very slowly to work at all. "Mark above as read" is turned on. "Article swipe action" is set to Mark as read/unread. "Mark as read on scroll" is turned off. This bug has me baffled, since it just started within the last version or two.
  17. rcharbon

    Mid-word link breaks

    This morning, I noticed that some posts have line breaks in the middle of words. For example: ( or and ( And also: though I didn't get a screen shot. I recently updated to the latest version 3.3 build 5035 Iphone 5s, , iOS up to date and settings:
  18. Before I start, I'm not good at writing English. Sorry about it. I didn't have any problem lest week. Today I just got these broken pages. Somehow it still functional, but with broken UI. What I tried and failed: Firefox safe mode(without any add-ons)Delete "" cookiesAny solution? Thank you in advance.
  19. I tried to read following article in inoreader android app but faced with a strange bug. Article: Feedly’s Beautiful Material Design Update Preview, i got the article from xda-developers feed. Bug description: in android app (version 3.4 in android 4.4) whenever i tried to pull down this article in order to load it's full content, just after loading full content inoreader restarted.
  20. I've seen this for some time, but I couldn't nail down how to make it happen until now. Here's how I can reproduce this bug: 1. Have multiple feeds with new articles. (I'm showing feeds with updates only) 2. Go into the second-to-last feed and mark all the articles read. (On my phone, I'm set to return to the main screen when I hit the check box. I'm also showing only new articles.) 3. Go into the last feed. 4. Wait a minute or so. The main screen seems to refresh itself at an interval, and that refresh appears to be the culprit here. 5. Try the check button. For me, at least, it doesn't work now. It looks like the main screen refresh is what causes the problem--at least, whenever I back out of the feed I can't mark read it's been refreshed. Backing out of the feed and going back to it again clears this problem, but it is annoying!
  21. it could be useful if add the option for reporting bugs, issues, and request features right from inoreader android app.
  22. mrali

    Stared feeds became unread

    in android app when you open a item and read it (so it become a read item in feeds list) if you when the item is open mark it with a Star, the item will become as unread when you come back to its parent feed. for example you open item X, read it and come back to parent feed and see it is an read item. but if you open that item again and in it's window you get it a Star, when you come back to parent feed you will see the feed is unread!
  23. yesterday i installed latest version of inoreader. it has following problems: 1- Like and Broadcast buttons react with some anoying delay. 2- in previous version there was "duble tap to fulscreen" feature which i miss it in new version. 3- when i share an article in social media (google+ etc.) and then i come back to the article, inoreader reload it again. 4- i have activated offline reading but in new version when i am offline, it does not show anything. that is all for now.
  24. i am inoreader beta tester and use inoreader app in android. i have noticed that some times when i mark a complete feed or folder as read, it mark them as read correctly but after some hours for example in the tommorow it again show that feeds or folder contents as unread itemes.
  25. I'm a new user to Inoreader and it's mainly the availability of a good web-based UI and a companion iOS app that seals the deal for me. The app itself is great - I'm a big fan of the minimalism. First: a few bugs are cropping up in iOS8. 1) When swiping to the right, a menu slides into view. The labels on the menu items are blank, as if the font colour was white. Tapping on the item reveals the text. 2) Swiping right on folders reveals a 3-dotted button, but tapping on this causes a crash to the home screen. 3) In the article list view, and scrolling vertically, it is all too easy to activate the swipe to the right gesture as in 1) when the intention is to continue scrolling vertically. It seems the sensitivity of x-axis swipe detection needs to be reduced. 4) The font size settings don't seem to have a marked effect on the font size. The smallest setting isn't particularly small. 5) Some articles, when viewed full screen, are hard to swipe left/right through to read the previous or next article because the width of the article is wider than the screen in some cases. Swiping scrolls horizontally until the X bounds of the article is exceeded - then moving to the next article. Two swipes are needed in these cases. Improvements: I would like the ability to assign feeds to folders from the app. I may be able to do this already but for bug #2. I would like to be able to assign a NSFW tag to certain feeds/folders such that they don't show up in All Articles view or the dashboard. I'm aware that there is a setting re. adult feeds, but no way to manually declare other feeds as adult. Thanks for reading!