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  1. Skype blog

    Oh, OK. I should have taken the clue from the error message, but I knew that there wasn't a general problem with https since I know of many feeds that are working fine as https. There must be something different about this one though.
  2. Skype blog

    Is it?
  3. Skype blog

    For me, it's reporting: "cURL error 6: Could not resolve: https (Misformatted domain name)."
  4. Skype blog

    This one has been erroring out for a while: Yes, the validator doesn't show it as perfect, but that's the case for many feeds. Other readers don't seem to have a problem with it.
  5. Good to know. It looks like they've worked out the kinks now, as it's all back to normal.
  6. 5-10 minutes after I posted that last message, the history for the one feed switched off the cURL error. Weird! We'll have to see if messages actually start to show up normally though. The one that started working again three days ago is not really its old self in that very long stretches go by with nothing, followed by a big burst of messages, many of which are not new. Part of this may have to do with MS still working things out.
  7. As of three days ago, only one of the two examples above returns the cURL error (not to imply that the one not showing the error is behaving normally). The output from the validator for both of them is completely different than it was when we first looked at it, further reducing my confidence in anything the validator has to say. I'm not sure cookies are an actual requirement if Feedly can handle the feeds.
  8. That's a little confusing. Don't many (most? nearly all?) feeds show some kind of issue in the validator? They did work in Inoreader before this month, and there's a good chance the validator said the same thing then, though I'm not sure. The feeds shows up fine in Opera. They also seem to work in Feedly.
  9. Microsoft has once again revamped certain forums, namely their "Answers" forum and ones that go by a different name but look the same (e.g. PartnerSupport). Their Technet forum, which is based on a different system, is not affected AFAIK. The change kicked in on Aug 1, and that's when the above errors started in the crawl. Examples:
  10. Was change in alphabetic sort intentional?

    OK, that's fine. BTW, the new sort doesn't yet appear in Statistics or Prefs/Subscriptions.
  11. Before I go through the bother of renaming feeds, I'm just wondering if the change in sorting made (I think) just in the last few days was intentional. Just to pick the two characters that I've used (there must be other examples), a hyphen now sorts before an apostrophe in the left column (Web).
  12. Missing images in some feeds

    It looks like the first site quickly fixed the problem after I contacted them about it.
  13. Missing images in some feeds

    So is that more of an individual site issue or something that can be compensated for in InoReader (given how this could potentially turn up for random sites)?
  14. I don't know what causes this, but a small number of feeds always have broken images. Here are two that I've seen over quite a long period of time:
  15. Has it more or less stopped working for anyone else in List view? It's most noticeable there, where only the top item is marked as read, if that. It's better in other views, but in some cases the last item is not marked as read. Tried Chrome and Firefox (speaking Web, not mobile).