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  1. Two quirky feeds

    Very strange, since the status hasn't changed for either of them here. Your error messages seem completely wrong, whereas mine are just puzzling.
  2. HTTPS everywhere

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I think it's worth continuing the discussion in light of imminent changes in browser messaging surrounding http. The main question that springs from the above is, while I understand the mixed content problem, why is it that people would be telling you that "Feedly (or some other) can" [load images/videos, etc]? In other words, how is Feedly, which after all is in the very same boat as Inoreader in terms of having to display a lot of random content, not experiencing the same limitation?
  3. Two quirky feeds

    Both are valid (though, like essentially all feeds, they don't have a perfect report card). Both used to work (and Inoreader can actually access the second one once or twice a day), both still seem to work in testing with Feedly, and both are WordPress (which may just be a coincidence). Any ideas? A feed could not be found at: This does not appear to be a valid RSS or Atom feed. The data could not be converted to UTF-8
  4. Slatest

    This brings up a broader question: Are all auto-suggested feeds the result of an old import, or do you bring in new ones periodically, adding to the pile?
  5. Slatest

    Yes, though I wasn't sure if the directory was being updated right along or not, even if in some automated way based on usage or something.
  6. Slatest

    I don't know if you bother with things like this, but right now, if you search for "Slatest," three feeds come back but they're all no longer updating. Slate has made some changes, so this is the only one that should be returned for Slatest (it was not easy finding this):
  7. All Google News feeds "Deprecated"

    Yes, based on that thread and the examples, I see how this can be tricky. I think Google doubled-down and made it worse though as of the "deprecated" event, since while they weren't perfect before, they weren't like now. I'm a little reluctant to try "Filter similar articles" based on some other threads saying that it's perhaps too aggressive and can remove things that it shouldn't from more important feeds (and you'd never really know it). If it was something that could be applied per feed, I definitely would.
  8. All Google News feeds "Deprecated"

    "Repeating" is a better word. By that I mean you'll see, say, 20 articles in one fetch. Mark them all read. Next fetch, X number of them will be repeats. This is part of what makes the volume of posts so much higher now than before, but doesn't nearly account for all of it. Google clearly changed how they're doing things in terms of which articles make the feed. It makes all the feeds that I've tried rather impractical to use now, unless you like bombardment.
  9. All Google News feeds "Deprecated"

    I was using the "RSS" link at the bottom of the page in any given Google News section, like: or
  10. All Google News feeds "Deprecated"

    I had to unsubscribe from the couple that I had (default feeds, not search terms). There's massive repetition now. Not sure yet if it's a Google thing or Inoreader thing, but I suspect it's a Google thing.
  11. Skype blog

    Oh, OK. I should have taken the clue from the error message, but I knew that there wasn't a general problem with https since I know of many feeds that are working fine as https. There must be something different about this one though.
  12. Skype blog

    Is it?
  13. Skype blog

    For me, it's reporting: "cURL error 6: Could not resolve: https (Misformatted domain name)."
  14. Skype blog

    This one has been erroring out for a while: Yes, the validator doesn't show it as perfect, but that's the case for many feeds. Other readers don't seem to have a problem with it.
  15. Good to know. It looks like they've worked out the kinks now, as it's all back to normal.