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  1. "To the next unread section" as option

    OK, thanks for answer.
  2. Hi! Can you add an option to disable those features in iOS (and Adnroid as well) app I prefer old behavour when nothing happens in those situations and now I get confused sometimes. Thanks.
  3. Feed problem

    Ok, thanks.
  4. Feed problem

    Site: Feed: Inoreader in Feed Settings/View Feed Information says: cURL error 52: Empty reply from server long time already, but the same time in browser feed URL opens fine: Whats wrong? May be geoblocking?
  5. Swipe lag

    Update to 3.8.2 seems fixed the issue, delays are mostly invisible. Thank you.
  6. Swipe lag

    Starting from 3.8 swipe left/right between articles works with visible delay, doesn't matter it rss with big articles and a lot of pictures or rss with text articles with 1-2 lines of text. Tried clean up data for app and even re-install it, not helping - seems problem is not with large db on device. THL5000, Android 4.4.2
  7. Can't scroll subscriptions list

    Thank you for workaround, I believe later you can fix this without this option too,
  8. Can't scroll subscriptions list

    Friendly reminder - problem is also exist in Inoreader Beta.
  9. Can't scroll subscriptions list

    Ok, seems mouse works fine but thinkpad's touchpad&trackpoint (like this) still have the problem. Press middle button and scroll with red trackpoint works only in articles area, not in subscribtions area. Incognito mode not helps.
  10. Windows 7 and Windows 2003, latest Google Chrome 41.0.2272.101 I can't scroll subscriptions list with pressed middle button and wheel (or touchpad on Thinkpad), tried with my current profile and clean profile. Articles are scrolling ok, in latest Firefox both subscriptions and articles (left and right parts of the window) are scrolling just fine.
  11. Feeddler version 2.1 with InoReader support

    Ads from Inoreader in every 3 or 4 articles in third party apps? REALLY ?
  12. Strange navigation post per post

    gwarser, looks like you right, disabling adblock resolves the problem. Thank you for idea.
  13. Screencast: It's shows how I navigate through RSS feed I use "J" hotkey. Posts links are: 1. 2. 3. In the beggining of screencast i'm on Post1. Press "J". Post2 jumps on top, it's ok. Press "J". Instead jumping to Post3, I'm stiil on Post2, but Post2 moves slightly down (2-3 lines) and you can see end of Post1 above Post2. Press "J". Post3 jumps on top, it's ok. What's wrong with navigation?
  14. Feature request: Full screen

    Sad to hear, seems I need to go back to previous version and freeze it from updates, because it's very useful feature for me. I always thinks that add new features first and only after that remove old ones, or better - put old feature as option and turn it off by default. Update: Thank you for returning "full screen" feature in 3.3.1.
  15. Feature request: Full screen

    Today's update (to version 3.3) brokes this feature (double tap gets full screen) again, please fix it asap, Thanks.