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  1. Updated to 0.11: - Following the recent changes in character encoding (it now displays foreign characters correctly)
  2. Updated to 0.10: - faster - hopefully fixed occasional duplicate lists - starred items will open in new tab
  3. Yeah, I did knew Reddit feeds are strange, but not finding them at all was new for me - I think I was lucky with my current Reddit feeds. By the way, your reply is so detailed and helpful, that I feel that it would be a good idea to make this thread sticky.
  4. I noticed a strange thing, I know Reddit feeds are a special topic, but this was new: I could easily add this link: https://www.reddit.com/r/masseffect But I couldn't add this: https://www.reddit.com/r/MEandromeda Is there a difference between the two, or this is just another "Reddit thing"?
  5. Stars always on the left

    Maybe this could work? It seems fine here. span.star_img.icon16 { vertical-align: middle; margin: 0 -8px 0 4px; }
  6. I think something similar to this could work: http://www.skipser.com/p/2/p/youtube-video-embed-like-google-plus.html
  7. I've made a userscript more than a year ago which does exactly this - I've almost forgot it, but it still works
  8. Out of office...

    Have a nice time
  9. Ui Improvements

    There are many ideas floating around about how can be the UI "better" and (naturally) they are very subjective. So if you have specific feelings or ideas, it would be much more helpful if you'd try to highlight, focus and suggest alternatives on those details. "Needs a whole revamp" is actually an overall feeling, which is too wide for others to understand what changes you really want.
  10. How to View Pics When Scrolling

    I know it is not the same, but you can try using keyboard shortcuts - like Space or j/k, and with articles with mainly images (example wallpapers) you can try expanded or magazine view.
  11. I don't say this is much easier but it helped me many times: once you have reached with scrolling to the article you have last read, continue reading. And before you switch to something else Star the last item you have read. Next time you want to continue it is much easier to search and spot a yellow star in the list, than reading the titles and figure out where you ended your session before. Think about it as a bookmark in the list. And when you find it just unstar it, then read, then star the last item etc. So again, it is not a life saver, but it speeds up searching for the end of your last session.
  12. Separate one RSS feed in several

    I think you can solve this by creating rules and tagging the articles by content/topic.
  13. Well something like that already exists: once there is the 30 days limit which after every article becomes read, and second as I remember you can create a rule, where you can specify any condition which can make any article(s) read. So if you display only unread articles those articles will be "hidden".
  14. That seems logical, but I really can't imagine users (with a few exceptions) would bother deleting articles, also don't forget that many users subscribed to the same feed, so you would have to wait all their "ok to delete" sign before the system can really deleting an article (which is again a thing you have to store in a database). And I think deleting single articles would make the indexes and the database fragmented which would make things slower.
  15. I think here it is really hard to define "unnecessary".