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    Auto-updated Youtube Subscriptions

    Yes, I saw that option, which is what prompted this post. There is the file offered on your youtube page, but the link to it isn't something inoreader would accept: It also doesn't look like it is user account specific, like it was with the 2.0 API: But doesn't seem to be directly supported with the 3.0 API. But using their API Explorer, I can view a list of my subscriptions (up to 50 at a time) here: The results look JSON in format. How that can translate to an auto-updated OPML file is where I don't have enough technical expertise. Here is one of the channels for instance: { "kind": "youtube#subscription", "etag": "\"ZG3FIn5B5vcHjQiQ9nDOCWdxwWo/OHh9K6GKht1RaQo-mM9zwnBHAAc\"", "id": "-0kaj3QPKZ8VFfx4N2zHDvJ6QICEYCAbPhhEfCLTJlw", "snippet": { "publishedAt": "2017-03-30T16:22:09.000Z", "title": "Alec Steele", "description": "Hey! My name is Alec Steele, I'm a blacksmith and Youtuber. This YouTube channel is designed to give you an entertaining insight into the life of a blacksmith in the 21st Century through my daily vlogs, teach you blacksmithing online and interact with you through my weekly live show, Saturday's 5pm EST, 2pm PST, 10pm BST. \n \n-Alec \n\nNorwich, Norfolk, UK\n", "resourceId": { "kind": "youtube#channel", "channelId": "UCWizIdwZdmr43zfxlCktmNw" }, "channelId": "UCjbPgo5ziEpCU_DMu_KLBQA", "thumbnails": { "default": { "url": "" }, "medium": { "url": "" }, "high": { "url": "" } } }, "contentDetails": { "totalItemCount": 573, "newItemCount": 5, "activityType": "all" }
  2. I know I can export an OPML file from youtube and import into inoreader, but it is a static list of my subscribed channels. Is there a way to point Inoreader to a live version so when I add/remove subscriptions, it would automatically update the feeds in inoreader? Another thought would be that it would mark as read in inoreader if I have already watched the video, but that might be trickier, as that isn't a google supported feed.