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  1. Version 6.0

    I agree with all these!
  2. Sliding options...

    Didn't really know how to explain this...but what I mean is to be able to choose where to go in the app when you slide an article left or right. I personally would like to have the option that slding left in an article, it would take me to the feed, not to the previous article...I know that there's an arrow to take me back, but it would be cool to have this option.
  3. Version 6.0

    Awesome new version! Magazine view and in landscape is really nice! Perfect to have a coffee and browse! Reminds me of Pulse, which was great! Keep it up!!
  4. Feedly board feature

    OR...to be able to apply the ALL ARTICLES just to tags, because this way, it affects all articles from my feeds...
  5. IOS Development Stagnating?

    Looking forward to seeing what the new designs look like!! Enjoying Inoreader so far...
  6. Feedly board feature

    Exactly Victor!!! Precisely what I was trying to explain! A sort of collection feature, sort like Pocket wise would be VERY cool! Enjoying Inoreader I look forward to seeing how the new iOS apps will look like, to make me decide to take the plunge of moving from Feedly! Thanks!
  7. IOS Development Stagnating?

    Cmon make me move definitely from Feedly!!!
  8. Feedly board feature

    Hi! New here! Trying to see if I can move from Feedly...I do use Feedly's board feature a lot, where I have several boards that I use to keep let's say recipes, another one with tips, etc. These articles are like pinned and keep there all the time. The issue with inoreader, or at least I don't know if I can do this, is that if I create tags, like a Tips tag, the articles I imported from Feedly are there under older articles, but is there no way for them to show up all the time when I open the TIps tag? I'm not sure if I'm clear enough...any feedly user will know or understand what I mean... Thanks!!!