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  1. joh

    Rule/search matching issues

    While this is true, it is not the answer to my query. While I have observed differences between rules and searches that are not related to syntax, I will for the sake of argument assume I keep missing something obvious. Okay. However, even comparing active searches of identical items, as in my example, items are missed. This shows that it is nothing to do with syntax, but apparently (frequent) random failure to match criteria. I'll repeat again that some of the items that are missed are identical to those that are matched, but just in a different subscription that is working and successfully matched on other occasions. Additionally rules and highlighters are both flagging the criteria successfully, when I look at the missed item. cheers, joh
  2. joh

    Rule/search matching issues

    As further proof that this is a real issue: I have two subscriptions that sometimes post the exact same item. When this occurs, sometimes the active search picks up both items, and sometimes just one. Thus it seems to be entirely random whether an active search misses a match. Rules seem to be more successful for me. Perhaps you can comment on why active search might randomly miss items, and why there is a difference between active search and rule matching. cheers, joh
  3. I have noticed that rules capture many items that apparently equivalent active searches do not. I don't know how this fits in with this recent issue: Secondly, a rule can look for any incidence of the string, whereas the active search seems limited to whole words. This is great, since it solves the issue I had with lack of wildcard prefix, so I have switched my active searches to rules that match content and add a tag. This does not on its own seem to explain the differences I have seen between search and rule matching. joh
  4. Actually, this isn't correct. It's just showing a tag icon for the active searches, instead of the magnifying glass icon for some reason. Perhaps this can be changed.
  5. Using Inoreader Companion 4.1.2 on firefox currently shows unread counts for feeds, folders, and tags, but not for active searches. cheers, joh
  6. joh

    Group Stars by feed

    Actually never mind, I realise I was just being an idiot. I can achieve what I want by clicking on the tree pane folders and see the starred items grouped by feeds, with the feeds grouped as I have organized them. cheers, joh
  7. joh

    Group Stars by feed

    Ah yes, if I go to All Articles, then choose Starred, and Grouping: By feed, then I am able to see all starred items grouped by feed as desired. Hmm, do you know what's then deciding the order of the feeds in this view? It seems to be fixed, so not sorting by the newest items (either defined by rss time or starred time) for example. It seems like it's sorting by some internal list of feeds? If it could perhaps be alphabetical by the custom name... but not a big deal. cheers, joh
  8. joh

    Group Stars by feed

    A folder of feeds in unread mode can be set to sort the unread items by feed. Can you possibly implement the grouping by feed for "Stars", preferably regardless of whether they are marked as read or not. cheers, joh
  9. A problem I have when browsing feeds on an iPad in horizontal mode is that, when browsing a feed in list view, and after opening an item so that the reading pane is displayed, closing this view (by hitting Close) loses position in the list, so that I have to repeatedly scroll up to the item I was at after closing it. This makes the process very clunky. Additionally, the tree pane auto-collapses the first time an item is open. I can see the benefit of this in most cases. However sometimes it would be nice to be able to pin the tree pane as always open. Other than that (and things already suggested -- highlighters and more advanced search syntx being the major ones for me) the web and iOS app and their integration are excellent. cheers, joh
  10. Okay, that's great. cheers, joh
  11. (and +1 to the previous guy who requested regular expression implementation for highlighters, or perhaps at least the wildcard as with the search) cheers, joh
  12. Hi all, An asterisk may be used as a wildcard in the advanced search, e.g. ABC* will include ABCD. However using the wildcard as a prefix does not work, e.g. *BCD will not include ABCD. In fact I see a message "The search is having difficulties". Is this a bug, or will this be implemented as a feature? Will it be possible to change the search syntax to RegEx? Cheers, joh
  13. joh

    iOS app adding feed bug

    The following bug has happened to me a couple of times (I think just with the iOS app). Cause: 1. Within the iOS app (iPad) was browsing an article (which I had loaded the content of by dragging down - not sure if relevant) of feed A . 2. Swiped back to tree pane and added a new feed B to inoreader via the plus sign. Effect: When I then swiped back to feed A and the article I was reading, the titles of the feed A items were unchanged, however the feed name had become that of feed B. Additionally the list seems to have been truncated to the length of the list of feed B and the thumbnails had disappeared. Clicking on an item loaded feed A contents. As I was initially browsing an item far down the list in feed A, the item could no longer be found as it was now beyond "no more articles" . Solution: Close and reopen app. Edit: Try this: Browse a feed A in list/magazine view. Click top left to bring out tree pane. Click plus. Search in "Dive" Subscribe to feed B. Click "<Dive" Click Cancel Click "<Back" Observe change in feed title within list of feed A to that of feed B, and associated bugs. This is in v 6.1.2. Clicking out and into feed may resolve some issues. joh (I have been catching up on my feeds after an absence of a few months hence my many posts.)
  14. joh

    Minor behaviour suggestions

    Alternatively, it may be easier/better to implement the ability to choose just one folder/tag unread count to display in the tab title or inoreader companion icon. Then whatever feeds people want to keep an eye on can be put or copied into this single folder/tag.
  15. joh

    Folder separators

    This is a simple request for the ability to create separators between folders in the tree pane, similar to e.g. the separators between bookmark folders in firefox. Especially given the unlikelihood of the implementation of nested folders (though a feature which I personally wouldn't find need of yet), it may help people organize their folders in a more visually pleasing way. At the moment a workaround might be to put a dummy subscription in a folder with a name like "---------". joh