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    Swiping to star and mark as read does not work properly

    Yes, I am experiencing this every time when I try to swipe. By the way, there are other users having exact the same problem. See here: This post is rather old, but the problem wasn't fixed back then, it seems. The user Firestone is describing exact the same problem I am having. User GRR reported the same bug.
  2. When I try to mark an article as read or mark it with a star, it does not work as expected on my tablet. When I swipe at "normal" speed to the left or right, nothing happens. W hen I swipe really fast, it does work sometimes, but that's not really convenient. The tablet is a Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F with Android 6.0. Screen resolution is 1200x1920 Screen density is 1.625 I'm currently using Inoreader 5.3.20(427). On my phone Inoreader is working perfectly and it was also working on another tablet I was using before.