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  1. Are saved articles really saved?

    Thank you! Good to know.
  2. Are saved articles really saved?

    If an article that I've saved is deleted from source server can I still read it? Is it saved on Inoreader servers (or anywhere safe)?
  3. Search for articles with multiple tags

    Well, this would be very useful. Also ordinary search with more than one tag. Why use tags if you can't search with more of them at once.
  4. Searching with specific tag

    Well, it's not the same. If you have a lot of tags and want to combine few of them in search ... It's not flexible.
  5. Searching with specific tag

    Is it possible to search through articles with a specific tag? For example, if I want to find all articles that I've tagged with #music and #album. And that search finds me only articles with those tags, not articles that also contains that two words.
  6. Filter articles by language

    I was just searching for an option like that. Many times I get as a result articles in a language that I don't understand (Chinese, Russian etc.). It would be great if I could set (in settings) what language not to show or only show in a selected language. Same goes for rules.