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  1. RSS Guard - Inoreader integration plug-in incoming

    Yes, DMG file for Mac OS X contains an error which lead to a problem with loading some of Qt libraries - This must be resolved by someone technically skilled with Mac OS - I do not have one. For temporary solution you can install Qt via homebrew and it should run, let me know if it helps. The problem is that web-engine Qt libraries are somehow badly bundled in DMG, installing system-wide Qt via homebrew should fix it - read the bug report.
  2. RSS Guard - Inoreader integration plug-in incoming

    Inoreaeder support was added in new RSS Guard 3.5.0.
  3. RSS Guard - Inoreader integration plug-in incoming

    Dev version of RSS Guard now is able to work with MULTIPLE Inoreader accounts in one time + user is able to provide his own OAuth application data.
  4. RSS Guard - Inoreader integration plug-in incoming

    Edit account settings dialog - user can choose custom "username" to be shown in list off items + testing "Login" button which will trigger OAuth flow.
  5. RSS Guard - Inoreader integration plug-in incoming

    Sample images from experimental plugin version - so far it can login via OAuth - download categories and feeds list with icons and other stuff and download messages for them.
  6. Do your REFRESH tokens expire?

    Yes, when user gets new access token, he gets new refresh tokens too. So this is perfect news. Thanks.
  7. Do your REFRESH tokens expire?

    Do REFRESH tokens returned by your API eventually expire? Note that I am not asking about ACCESS tokens (which of course expire).
  8. RSS Guard - Inoreader integration plug-in incoming

    Question: Can I get "version of current API" via some API call? E.g. currently published API has some newer version, my app wants to react to this.
  9. RSS Guard - Inoreader integration plug-in incoming

    RSS Guard maintains it own database and it can keep once downloaded items forever. So intended functionality (which already works in OwnCloud/TT-RSS plugins) is that you add "your Inoreader account", then you perform the "sync-in" (the step during which RSS Guard downloads newest list of tags/feeds). Then, manually or in automatic intervals, RSS Guard downloads new articles for each of your tags and stores it in its own database, so that you can display/mark/delete/whatever the article later. When RSS Guard performs new "downloading of new articles for feed/tag", it does not delete previous articles from its DB, it only adds new ones and updates existing ones if they are updated in Inoreader source too (like changed "published" datetime, changed heading etc.). User has option to purge messages from RSS Guard database if he wants to, see screenshot.
  10. Hello fellaz. I am Martin Rotter, developer of RSS Guard. I plan to add Inoreader integration. Please, what features would Inoreader users prefer to be included? I plan the plug-in to be simple and I plan to have this supported: ability to get list of tags/folders, ability to get list of feeds within those tags/folders, ability to automatically/manually get new items (messages) for those feeds, ability to mark individual messages read/unread/starred/unstarred. Is there anything specific and interesting what can be added? What would you like? I also created issue for this. Basically, I just wanted to make this publicly known.