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    Search doesn't work properly

    PM sent. We can close this now if you prefer to work via PM going forward. Thanks.
  2. werewolf

    Search doesn't work properly

    I'll totally cooperate. Aside from that stuff I like the service, and am willing to pay (even though 3-5 rules rather than 1 with the basic would really clinch it). I like the layout and the app is nice for when I'm not by a computer. Not sure what you need for examples though? Like a specific feed address? I'm searching across my entire subscription base, but think I can provide a few links where most of the results would come from if that is what you want. Yeah I just tested it on my current feeds: "Amazon's" || Amazon = 148 articles in the last month, the latest being 23 hours ago "Amazon's" = 213 articles in the last month, the latest being 2 hours ago Amazon = 310 articles in the last month, the latest being 16 hours ago
  3. What is wrong with the search function? It is barely functional. I type in "Amazon" and it returns everything with Amazon in the title, and a couple with "Amazon's" in the title, but not all the ones with "Amazon's" in the title. Or I type in "Amazon" and get X results, type in "price" and get Y results, type in "Amazon || price" (as suggested in these forums) and get fewer results than X + Y, IF I get any results at all, often I don't. This crap plus only getting 1 rule with paid service makes me not want to get the service. I don't care about most of the crap that the paid service provides, I just want ad free, rules, and a search feature that actually works. I feel like a lot of people are in the same camp.