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  1. When you are browsing a folder, reading an item, and then you want to Unsubscribe the feed of that item , so you click the feed link in that item to go to that feed, press shift + d shortcut, but the dialog alerts you that " Are you sure you want to delete this folder? " This is not what I want, please fix it, thanks.
  2. wenxin

    Magazine view for HTML clips not work

    Perhapses I hadn't described clearly, I mean " my broadcast comment", which is displayed in expanded view. http://www.inoreader.com/stream/user/1005947049/tag/user-broadcasted/view/html Blank lines between paragraphs are omitted falsely in magazine view currently. Besides, is it possible to display my personal comments in other folders or tags with html clips? Maybe it's too much, I'm sorry for that. Thanks.
  3. wenxin

    Magazine view for HTML clips not work

    Is it possible to display user comments in magazine view also? Thanks.
  4. As said in magazine-view-for-html-clips, "Instead of showing the full content of each article, you will now have an image, title and a summary of the article ", but actually my channel, magazine view: http://www.inoreader.com/stream/user/1005947049/tag/user-broadcasted/view/html?cs=m and expanded view http://www.inoreader.com/stream/user/1005947049/tag/user-broadcasted/view/html are just the same, which act like expanded view. Thanks for your attention!