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  1. jmh2002

    Google News

    This was happening to me too for a few days earlier this week, but now seems to have 'fixed itself'.
  2. jmh2002

    Tumblr Feeds Unavailable

    Thank you InoReader for fixing this, but let's also remember that similar issues may occur with other sites for European users and GDPR. I'm a bit surprised that some entities appear to have been caught unawares by this, after all the legislation was already passed 2 years ago, so plenty of time to prepare in advance for this... Some extra info here:
  3. Yes, these or similar features have been requested many times , but there doesn't seem to be much progress with feature updates unfortunately.
  4. jmh2002

    Notification of dead feeds

    I agree. In my thread here: from July I made the following comment: This could simply be an option to turn on or off for those who want it or not.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I have put in place a few work arounds for some things, and hopefully some other ease of use features will be added in due course. I'm going to just keep on using Inoreader for the moment, and keep taking notes. THANKS again
  6. - When adding an RSS Feed generated from one of my Tags, it doesn't seem possible to add this directly to a new Folder. I keep getting the message "Please add at least one feed to this folder". I did find that I could do it via the Subscription list or the Folders and Tags list in settings though. I guess its a bug. - How do I select multiple articles in a Feed, in a Tag, etc, in order that I can add Tags, Mark as Read/UnRead, etc all at the same time? ^^^ EDIT: I'm partially blind. But what I meant was the option is not there to bulk unTag, or bulk Mark unRead. - Based on our above discussion about counters, I thought a work around for some cases could be to have my rule: TRIGGER > New Saved Web Page, ACTION > Assign a Tag, also perform the ACTION > Mark as UnRead The idea being that then there would be UnRead counters for that Tag, reminding me check it and do something with the articles inside. But the Mark as Unread action doesn't seem to exist in the Rules? Would it please be possible to add it? Then it will make sense to upgrade my plan and utilise more rules. THANKS
  7. At this stage you can't do that directly in this view except using the shortcut keys about it ("b" and "v"). We'll consider your question as feature request but can't promise anything about similar implementation for now. Yes, please consider it, because it seems a most basic funtionality that other users have requested in other threads too If it is difficult, please consider adding the 'Open in New Tab' button as below. But this does require extra clicks / mouse movement compared to a native option with the enter key. Will be considered. Thank you, and also see the above notes please Page Up/Down are not the right approach here... Since they are used mainly for scrolling (the whole pages) in browsers. You can use up/down or left/right arrows for that if you prefer them as you said above. They are working the same as "n" / "p" keys work. This way the focus will be always on the currently selected/read article. So with the arrow keys you can achieve/fix all mentioned above. The problem is that this requires the articles to be 'Read' one by one. This is extremely slow for hundreds/thousands of articles, and requires a button click for every single article. Via this method it doesn't really feel like a 'Magazine View'. It still feels like a list view, only bigger. Page Down seems like the right approach to me, as it enables me to quickly scan/speed read the articles' Title and first paragraph (and see the image) and if something is interesting then I will open the web page. But if not, it's quickly on to the next page, much like flipping pages in a magazine or newspaper. So unfortunately the arrow keys don't really solve this. You need to open the selected article ("o"/Enter) and then assign tag using "t". The yellow (loading) box looks like a bug and will be fixed asap. Pity. If using the keyboard shortcut "T" would work on the Magazine View it would help you keep this view cleaner as you mention below. Unfortunately as I said you need to open that article in order to tag it. We strive to keep this view as simple/"clean" as can. I really don't like having to open the article, it seems inefficient if you only want to Tag it, especially if I have already just opened it in a new web tab. Maybe you would consider the previous suggestion of a working "T" instead? As you have probably noticed, I do have a bit of theme going on here with trying to minimise extra clicks, and even extra hand movements on the keyboard. We'll appreciate if you give us little more details here... I can't simulate any "thumbnails-issue" with the YouTube videos saved as webpages. How you are saving them? What you are saving? Possibly(?) I have found the bug. If the Video Web Page is saved from a PlayList, the Image Thumbnail is missing in the Magazine View (but as I mentioned, it is available in Expanded View and if I open it in the Reader) But if the Video Web Page is saved from a direct link, it all works. Here are two examples of the same video, you can test it: Playlist: Direct: They are "special" sections/folders and custom sorting inside them isn't possible for now. You can achieve that for folders, tags and feeds at this stage. Unfortunately we can't promise anything about similar implementation for now. Pity, because it's already taking quite a while to scroll to the bottom of my Saved Web Pages. What do you suggest as a work around for that? I guess I can create a Rule to create a fake Saved Web Pages and Starred as Tags? And then as you said, that can be sorted. Yes, its global feature. It can't be assigned per feed,folder,etc. Instead you can use "Automatically load everything in Unread Mode if the current section doesn't contain unread articles". If you have this option enabled and you are in Unread only mode, you'll be able to see them but only if you scroll down. You'll always see "Everything read" text before that. All you need to do is to scroll down (arrow keys or page Up/Down) in order to see "all items" without need to switch between All/Unread only. That doesnt seem to work for me. I see 'Everything Read' but then I see a button that says 'View All' (is this maybe different in your version? Are you using the Beta or something?). Clicking 'View All' works ok but using it sets the Global setting to All Articles. That's a bit frustrating. Just expand "All articles" section and choose "Recently read" :). THANKS! I missed that Tags have read/unread states. We'll end up with multiple counters if we add such feature for tags. Yes, I understand it might be useful but we can't visualize it properly. Understood. I thought it could be useful but also couldnt necessarily visualize it. But I do have some Tags that are all Read, so seem 'empty' with no visual counter, but in fact they are waiting for some type of action from me. How about Unread count on the right side of the Tree, and Total Count on the Left side? I might think if rules can help me with this too for some Tags. Will be considered. But can't give you clear answer or ETA about it for now. Yes, because please consider the workflow for this at the moment. Save the Page on Chrome > Switch to InoReader (maybe not even open, I'm web browsing) > Go to Saved Pages > Scroll Endlessly until the bottom > Open Article (because Tagging doesn't work in Magazine View) > click T > finally add Tags... I added a rule to try and help with this, but native implementation is really required. This function is working only when using Newest first sorting mode and when grouping is disabled. Um, really? How is this related? Or did I not explain the question correctly? They are not sent from your mail directly. They are sent on behalf from our own mail server. You can't see them there. We use mail relay server for this. In the header of the mail can be seen that we sending emails from our servers, and just in the sender field we set your name and address if you wish of course. Ok understood. I fixed it with a Rule/Filter in Gmail. You also can use the "Failing feeds" and "Inactive feeds" widget in the dashboard. We have other similar requests about folders/feeds coloring in the subscriptions tree. We have it in our to-do list for consideration. But I/m afraid that this might became too frustrating for members having thousands of feeds and hundreds of failing (for multiple reasons). In such cases the subscription tree might became pretty "colorful" . So at this stage we can't promise anything about that too. Yes understood, but of course it should be optional, and of course some type of cancel or remind me after x period feature. Or maybe instead your built Notification system and icon could be used for this too? Thanks for all the replies. I hope at least some of the requests can be implemented, since some of them are very apparent as 'missing' (or at least creating unnecessary extra workflow) on daily usage basis. THANKS again
  8. Yes of course, no rush
  9. I'm a new but not inexperienced user. I tried InoReader a long time ago and it didn't quite work out for me but I see that a lot of features have been added since then so now I'm back (from Feedly) and and have been using InoReader (desktop version) multiple times per day, every day for a couple of weeks. I've tried to do as much reading as possible in the forum here, and I realise there are some other threads on some of these subjects but I thought I would summarise everything here in one new thread. MAGAZINE VIEW: My preferred view is Magazine View but I still have a lot of questions and/or issues regarding this view: - I very rarely use the built in reader and prefer to go directly to the website to read the article. Would it be possible to please add the option to set 'Open in New Tab' as the default when clicking on the title or the article, or pressing enter if the article is focused/selected, for those users who want this? - If not (or, as well), can the 'Open in New Tab' button please be added to the Magazine View (like the Card View has) ? I have also read that is possible to use the B and V keys, or CTRL + click, to achieve something similar, however: My preferred way to navigate on my device is to use Page Down. (since on most keyboards Page Down, Arrow Down, and Enter are all close together for the right hand to use) - When using Page Down the first article at the top of each new 'page' is not set as the focused article (instead focus stays way back at the top of the Feed, even though all those articles are Marked Read). This also prevents the practical use of the above mentioned B and V keyboard shortcuts in this case. - Shouldn't focus always keep up with where the user is in the current page, ie: the top most article in the current window / the first Unread article? - There is also an unintended problem with this too. If I have been using Page Down, possibly passing dozens or even hundreds of articles, and then I accidently click the Down Arrow button, I'm taken way back up the list of articles to wherever InoReader thinks I'm still 'focused'. That is somewhat frustrating to say the least... - Paging to the bottom of a feed leaves the last few articles unread. Would it please be possible to just simply click Page Down one more time to pass those articles and have them Marked Read? That would be MUCH easier than instead of needing to move to the touchpad (or mouse) and click Mark All as Read or the individual Mark as Read buttons on the Magazine View, or using the various other keyboard shortcuts. - How can I add Tags when using Magazine View without actually opening the article? The keyboard shortcut T produces a little yellow box entitled 'Loading' but nothing happens after that. - Also, can the 'Add Tags' button please be added to the Magazine View (like the Expanded View has) ? Just the icon if you don't want to clutter the view. - Image thumbnails for YouTube Saved Web Pages don't work when using Magazine view (& Column & Card views too), but the Image thumbnail is visible in Expanded view. Would it please be possible to please fix this? OTHER: - Would it please be possible to be able to sort the Starred items and Saved Web Page Folders by at least oldest or newest first? This would be useful when the Folder starts to contain a lot of items. - View Unread or All Articles seems to be Global. Would it please be possible for this to be able to be set and remembered per Feed, Folder, Tag, etc? - The setting "Automatically load everything in Unread Mode if the current section doesn't contain unread articles" doesnt seem to have any effect (or I don't understand it properly). I'm expecting that if I enable this setting, but normally work in Unread Mode, then when I go to a Tag or a Folder with NO Unread items, all of the Read items will be displayed automatically. It's quite frustrating having to constantly switch modes between Unread and All Articles. And maybe it would it also please be possible for this to be able to be set and remembered per Feed, Folder, Tag, etc? - Is there a simple way to just see a continuous history of what has been read? In Feedly this is called 'Recently Read'. Am I missing where this feature is, or does it not exist? I guess i can use search but its not quite the same. - Would it please be possible to have the option (per Tag) to show how many items (in total) are in a Tag when displayed in the Tree? This would be the same as how starred Articles works now. Then of course the user can decide to select the UnRead or All Articles view as necessary. - For some reason, even though Tags are separate from Folders, it's not possible to have a Tag with the same name as a folder? I have fixed this temporarily by adding a "/" (slash) before the Tag name, but should this really necessary? If I want to refer back to something, I normally Tag it with the same Tag name as the Feed Folder that it came from, since my Feed Folder names are by subject. - Would it please be possible to be able to Tag articles directly when using the 'Save this Page' from the Google Chrome extension? For the moment I created a Rule that sets a Tag called "To Tag & File" to every New Saved Web Page, but that means that I still need to go back and add all the proper Tags later. It seems to be an inefficient workflow. - Would it please be possible to remember last used settings on the Send Email dialog (eg: Attach article as PDF)? - Im not sure exactly how the Send Email function works, but it seems that emails don't show in my Gmail Sent Mail unless I also use the 'Send me a copy of this email' option in the InoReader dialog. This then also causes me to receive the email in my Inbox to. Would it please be possible to please fix this? - Would it please be possible to be notified somehow when a Feed stops working or hasn't posted for a long time? I realise that I can see that in the Statistics, in the Subscriptions list, and in the Feeds in the Tree too, but the problem for me is that all my Subscriptions are inside Folders, and I very rarely open the Folders themselves (I normally read a whole folder at a time, since they are by subject). Maybe it would just be possible for the Feed Folder Title to turn red too, if one of the Subscriptions inside has a problem? I understand that this is quite a long list, but I tried to be quite diligent in documenting all the points that I found during use. THANKS