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  1. Hi, is there any way to batch rename folders and tags, or does every single one have to be renamed individually? The reason I need to rename every single folder and tag I have, by the way, is that when I subscribe to a feed and go to add it to a folder, the tags appear in the list with the folders, sorted alphabetically (although they are separate in the sidebar) and I have to scroll past a lot of tags to add the feed to the correct folder. The one time I made the mistake of checking a tag when adding a feed, that tag was converted into a folder and subsequently appeared in the Folders area rather than with the other tags. So two feature requests: 1) An option to batch rename folders/tags and/or 2) an option not to have tags show up in the list when I click the link to add a feed to a folder. I don't mind that a tag and a folder can't have the identical name, but I don't use them in the same way, and I don't want to see my entire list of tags when I go to add a feed to a folder. Thus the need to rename them all, so that tags will appear after all my folders.
  2. I signed up for the most expensive plan in order to create multiple rules that would automatically tag entries according to names that appear in their author, title or content. After setting up a large number of rules for this purpose, I'm disappointed to discover that they don't work consistently. Things in the Author field, particularly, are often (but not always) ignored, despite my having clicked on whatever is in the author field to create the rule from there, so it's not a misspelling issue. I also include a search for the name in Title/Content, but that often does not pick up the Author field, nor do Active Searches. Edited to add: I've discovered that using Author Contains rather than Author Is in the rule seems to mostly solve this problem. But really, it would be better to have the option of including Author in an Active Search (or just a plain old search) with Title and Content. Tagged items show the date and time the tag was applied, which is fairly useless - I have to look at the original feed to find the actual date of the entry/post. (See first screenshot below). Entries retrieved immediately after subscribing to a feed similarly appear with the subscription date rather than the actual posting date. Some entries in random parts of some feeds are marked read - not by me. In some cases, the box/circle I would check to mark them Unread is absent, so I can't change the status back to unread. (See second and third screenshots below). I had hoped to be able to move completely to Inoreader from Feedly for my work-related RSS feeds, given Inoreader's robust filtering capabilities, but it appears that's not an option. While Feedly doesn't offer Rules or Filters (yet), it at least allows a single comprehensive search that picks up everything in the feed entry, and it applies the correct publication date to entries in newly-subscribed feeds. So it looks like I'll be bouncing between RSS web apps for the time being.