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  1. Halfway between List and Expanded view?

    Thanks for explaining. I've found a bookmarklet which increases/decreases the font sizes on the entire page… not ideal but it gets the job done:
  2. Subscriptions sometimes require two taps

    Thanks! It seems to be related to the length of the tap: a quick tap will sometimes highlight the new subscription but not select it… so there will be 2 subscriptions with grey highlights. …weird, 5 mins ago I could recreate almost every time, now I can't. Will keep an eye on it, and see if I can spot the trigger.
  3. Halfway between List and Expanded view?

    Looks really good, will try… thanks! (Thought I'd tried all the views.) Is there a way to increase the font size though? Magazine is smaller than Expanded. Under Prefs > Interface, I've tried Huge and Gigantic but it's still around 9 point.
  4. Subscriptions sometimes require two taps

    Visiting with Safari.
  5. The Inoreader forums are different from the other forums I frequent, in that they require a confirmation before marking all topics as read, and they default to not following posts I start — IMHO would be good to switch both of these.
  6. When viewing the standard website on my iPad, the subscriptions pane on the left sometimes requires a second tap to switch to a different subscription.
  7. I think this is a feature request… possible I've missed a setting though. I'd really like a halfway view between list and expanded — something which displays just the first 5 or so lines from an article. I have some meaty feeds like Ars Technica, where after the first few lines I know if I want to skip the article or save it for later — but 1 line isn't enough to tell, and the whole article is too much.
  8. Hide 'Add content' button

    Nice, thanks wesson!
  9. Hide 'Add content' button

    Hi, relative newbie here. Loving Inoreader BTW! I either clicked on something or maybe there was a change to the site… there's now a big 'Add content' button in my tree view. I find it both distracting and not particularly useful… is it possible to remove it or have it look like Plans, Statistics, etc?