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  1. Simon Sessler

    Which theme do you use

    I use Aqua with custom CSS and Javascript Snippet from this Forum
  2. Simon Sessler

    Season's graphics header

    Thx you @Firestone for that Tip with Stylish: now i´m able to change my CSS Settings (Code-Block-Color) permanently: code, pre { background-color: #919aa6; }
  3. Simon Sessler

    Season's graphics header

    My fault, sorry. I don´t know what browser your using, but these Steps are for Chrome-Browser: 1. Hit Strg+Caps+I (Inspect Element) 2. Hit the Arrow (1) Button and hover to the Headerbar (2) to Inspect CSS 3. On the right side (3) click the "background-image" are unchecked. Snowe flakes are gone. You can now close Developer Bar hit clicking the X. Note: These changes are not persistent. By reloading the Page the CSS-Rule are gone.
  4. Simon Sessler

    CORS issue with json feed when using AngularJS

    CORS issue because of HTTPS mixed. This should help: Of course you´ll need an API:
  5. Thank you for this Script. It´s very useful and awesome.
  6. Simon Sessler

    Pictures shown twice

    Thank you, this Tip fixed my problem.
  7. Simon Sessler

    Pictures shown twice

    In some of my feeds i have an issue that the pictures are shown twice. That´s new and i haven´t trouble before. I don´t know how to fix this. Is that a problem with CSS or XML? I have attached a screenshot. Thanx for your attention and help.