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  1. Mobilizer fetches wrong page content

    OK, It was just a groan.
  2. Mobilizer fetches wrong page content

    Now it affects every second article. Seems they somehow modified their code.
  3. Mobilizer fetches wrong page content

    OK, thanks. Will get used to live with it.
  4. Mobilizer fetches wrong page content

    HI! Thanks for quick response, the problem is now less often but still here.
  5. Hi! When I use your mobilizer feature for RSS feed I get sometimes a part of wrong page code (with error) instead of mobilized content I need. How to reproduce: My feed code: Post with problem Wrong code from line 277 in Chrome incognito tab (error): Correct content that actually must be fetched from line 288 (vacancy description): For example, this is correctly mobilized page. Here is an answer from support (in russian, this is not their problem). Thanks.
  6. DRIVE.RU no pic preview in articles list

    OK, thanks, you're great!
  7. DRIVE.RU no pic preview in articles list

    Thanks a lot! Now pic preview is OK in browser, but still lacks in Android app.
  8. Hi folks! I got proper image preview in all the article lists except of RSS feed both in web and Android app versions. I see "Original enclosures:" with the link instead of pic preview. Please help me with it. Thanks.
  9. YouTube frame looks like a stripe

    Hi! Here is one problem (and one question). If I read an article with embedded YouTube video I got a tiny frame for it. How to make it larger? And the question is, is there any way to view embedded YouTube video fullscreen in resolution greater than 360p? Thanks.
  10. Yes, now it's OK. Thanks for so quick response. You're great!
  11. Hello wesson! Thanks for quick response. I never used this option before the bug has arrived. I recommended to turn this option on as a temporary workaround to see the images in viewable size. Usually it's not needed because modern images are too big and supersede any text from the screen. Anyway it not heels video preview size.
  12. Yes, now all the attachments in Mobilizer mode are small, including images and other applets preview. You can enlarge images turning on "Extend large images to full width" in Interface Preferences, but it doesn't solve the problem with other previews. Waiting for fix.