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  1. Rules-language

    Hello Wesson, You're right, i added a # in my folders and then my rule was searching on it to, but it make me guess, this is my rule and providers: Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 50MB Insert other media Uploaded Images The trigger that i selected was the folder in this ss and i created a TAG to assign a tag what was found in this folder, but i can't understand why it was searching in all providers, like my hashtag. Thanks a lot for your support
  2. Rules-language

    Hello People! I'm using the Rules to search from articles in my folder with infoproviders (all in portuguese Brazil), but, i don't know why, i'm receiving articles in spanish and portugues PT. Is anyone know how to filter, or create a rule to exclude this ? I only need articles in portuguese BR. Thanks for your time