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  1. newsjunkie247

    Basic Changing - August 1

    I agree with some of the other posts here that you should reconsider other options if abuse is the main concern. Now some people are just going to create multiple accounts every 30 days to try and get around that limitation. Why note reenable the limit to 1 social media feed/1 boosted feet at least for people who have had an account for a long time, such as more than a year or 6 months. It doesn't make sense for me to pay for multiple services when I only really need one (the Twitter feed). There is no free alternative for that that I can see.
  2. Though I think the "always show" preference seems to make it somewhat better, though not sure if it is totally as it was.
  3. I'm still having issues with the latest version of Firefox nightly. It was working fine for me until last night, but today scrolling doesn't seem to work very well with the mouse wheel and seems very laggy or stuck n general and I think I'm also seeing some flashing. Maybe the fix somehow made it worse for Firefox users?