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  1. Suggestions for App

    I've asked about these suggestions initially back in August (5 months ago) and at the time you said it was in your to do list. Any update on this? Notification stacking is definitely needed especially with very active feeds. Having a single notification for each new feed on your notification bar is nuts and literally makes your notification bar filled with clutter. According to Android Development, stacking is easy to do, and does not have very many lines of code to do it. If this is confusing you as to what I mean: 1. When you receive the first notification (if no other inoreader notification is present in the notification bar), then the notification will be received as normal. 2. If one already exist, the subsequent one is stacked and the notification displays the inoreader icon, and "2 new messages", or "3 new messages" etc. beside it. 3. If the notification is pressed in either 1 or 2, it takes you to the feeds main page in inoreader with all the new feeds (or all feeds for that matter) listed. 4. Selecting the feed you want to read opens it. Inoreader is a great app otherwise, but it loses appeal rather quickly when several notifications are cluttered in your notification bar with 10 inoreader icons on your phone across the top. Stacking notifications have been around forever in android, and with a few lines of code needed to implement it, should be part of every app out there. And inoreader is the only app I know of that doesn't use it. I don't mean to sound critical, but android development seems to be taking a backseat.
  2. Suggestions for App

    I think I understand, or maybe not. Lol Is there a way to have the app automatically open the thread on the chrome browser then? That way you won't get blocked for over usage, it will just look like a user browsing the internet. Maybe I'm not understanding.
  3. Suggestions for App

    Great to hear about the first two... here's my explanation about the third. Your app already does what I'm asking, but doesn't allow to open by default in that view. You see, I use inoreader currently for forums that notify me on new threads only. When I get notified of a new thread, I open the app and it will give me a text view of the post, but it eliminates certain links that the actual post has. See Screen #1 However if I "drag up" to load the more robust view, I get the links. See screen #2. I'd much prefer to open in the screen #2 view by default.
  4. Suggestions for App

    I decided to give the Inoreader a longer look due to the push notification rule. After using it a while I have a couple of suggestions. Notification Sound/Vibration It would be great to have the ability to select a custom notification sound instead of the app using the default one. Secondly it would be nice to be able to silence the sound and only have vibration and/or vice versa by eliminating vibration. Notification Bar The notification bar on android gets completely cluttered with separate notifications for every single item. Can you guys have the app consolidate all your notifications like most apps do? For instance, just like say... whatsapp... the first notification will show a message partially, but if you get a second notification, it will consolidate into that same notification, but instead show "2 messages". Having a different one appear for every single one is a pain. Secondly, if you open the app, all notifications in the bar should disappear, just like other apps. I'm not speaking of clicking on the notification, I'm speaking of opening the app from the app drawer. Your notifications remain causing you to have to eliminate them one by one. Views Have the capability of opening in webview instead of the apps view by default. --- I hope this can be done. Thank you