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  1. Black Friday special + multiple years

    maybe, but the two offers (-40% and 1yr+6) aren't on the same period, the first should be close, while the 2nd is.. I don't remember when, some months later
  2. Black Friday special + multiple years

    if you renew end of november with 1yr+6months it will expire end of may next year (2019)
  3. Black Friday special + multiple years

    I got the 1year + 6 months last year and before my normal pro subscription expired (it was added to the end of it), doesn't it work that way anymore?
  4. problem processing rule

    they are from 2015 but it the rule was working some days ago! it this a new change you implemented? I'm sure it was working! I was using it to test if inoreader notifications are working because of changes I've made to my phone
  5. email site notifications?

    from time to time I receive this notifications on the site (top right corner) that facebook authentication has expired and needs renewal, is it possible to get those kind of notifications to our (registered) email addresses? I think this would be more convenient
  6. I've set the recommendations to 100 and it's a mess opening each one and checking and then going back to check the next etc., it's unusable, this one should be really implemented because I want to check it
  7. basically all the anchor links that call the view_feed function should be modified to diplay in new tabs, there's absolutely no reason to ruin our currently active tab!
  8. failing feeds have an "i" icon at the end, the same icon should exist in both the recommended sources and inactive feeds I think
  9. dashboards's recommended sources sould open in a new page/tab, it's totally inconvenient the way it is implemented now
  10. filters/rules down?

    sometimes though filters and rules are quite slow to catch up, I mean I press "all articles" and I have to refresh in order for filters and rules to catch up
  11. filters/rules down?

    it seems fine now, maybe a slight lapse?
  12. filters/rules down?

    sorry it is rules too
  13. filters/rules down?

    actually it's the filters that don't work for me for the last minutes I receive filtered out results!
  14. filters/rules down?

    irrelevant articles showing up something' s wrong, please check