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  1. facebook feeds expiration

    it was exactly 60 days in my case (I added a google calendar reminder and it ringed 60 days - from febrouary 9) and that day my token expired
  2. New Update 6.0 is a fall back in last century

    I'm not an IOS user but I'm always against major updates anyway, I wouldn't update for about 6 months or so, that's what I will do when android update comes out
  3. filters & rules dead again..

    ok it works, it should've been temporary
  4. rules and filters down again

    ??? this must be hilarious, but I didn't understand it, sorry
  5. rules and filters down again

    I don't know where the below is useful The fastest growing content reading platform - @Inoreader managed to greatly improve its #capacity and #flexibility by implementing @storpool and @opennebula but maybe you should actions so that this "stalled process" don't stall again instead? I remember a while ago email stalled, ok, it's not that often, but when it happens, inoreader becomes a mess (and for some hours), at least for those of us that use many filters and rules so maybe your system/server(s)/service(s) should become stall-proof somehow?
  6. rules and filters down again

    of course, I know, obviously..
  7. rules and filters down again

    filters still didn't catch up, rules worked a bit, another annoying thing is the time needed to catch up
  8. rules and filters down again

    sometime maybe you should explain why filters and rules break and why they're so unstable, it's like something I read the other day: inoreader is the high upside rss reader but can break anytime, while feedly is low on features, but should be stable for what's offering (at least that's what I experienced when I was using it) of course I choose inoreader, there's no question, that's why I'm a pro for the last years and already updated till 2020, I'm just saying/asking
  9. Another take on Twitter feeds

    I'm having trouble with instagram personally, I use websta to convert to rss but while inoreader fetches twitter and facebook images, it doesn't do the same for the websta ones (only links which aren't displayed because all three facebook, twitter and instagram are blocked at work) I tried emailing them to me (and reading the email from inside inoreader), still no luck, any suggestions? maybe a solution would be to send an email of the websta article as an attachment to me, but I can't find out how it's possible edit: I saved a websta link in instapaper, doesn't display the image either edit2: trying ifttt email now - nope, didn't work either
  10. bookmarklets don't work in mobile browsers?

    sorry I don't like any of these services, because I'm not a fan of using so many services, I'm mostly a desktop/laptop user, other than that I don't have access to google keep or evernote at work (sites are blocked), and I love inoreader as an integrator, I do anything (or almost anything) with or inside inoreader thanks anyway
  11. links in email2tag display incorrectly

    I mean it should be "the site's url"/newsletter/confirm/remove/38fcf7ef70110920t361 or something like that, I wonder why inoreader's link got in there, maybe the link was a relative one like "/newsletter/confirm/remove/38fcf7ef70110920t361"? or it's their fault I guess, anyway, thanks, I'll forward them to you
  12. bookmarklets don't work in mobile browsers?

    ok it worked in via, thanks a lot! but why does "save to inoreader" (saved web pages) suck so much? where's the article? only the link is saved? I hadn't used this feature before and trying it now I feel kind of... disappointed
  13. HTTPS everywhere

    have you considered server location in regards to your question? i.e. inoreader's servers are in BG (and sometimes are blocked from accessing sites and/or site resources, even though I didn't have any major problems personally), while feedly's ones are in US, maybe it's related?