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  1. auto-hide search parameters?

    could you auto-hide the search parameters? the way it's implemented I can't find a way to see when the first 4 articles where published
  2. reddit feeds subscribe

    can something be done about those reddit feeds please? or at least some workaround? subscribing to them is a real pain in the ass! I have to click 10 times in order to manage to subscribe!
  3. why filters on xda don't work?

    I had edited the post, I fixed it, I had an error in my regular expression, thanks for the help and support
  4. why filters on xda don't work?

    I'm trying to apply the same and already applied to other feeds filters on but they don't seem to work! strange, it has never happened to me before! edit: forget about this, I found it, some issue with the regular expression being applied
  5. blank article content inside

    ok, nevermind, thanks, I've got another one (the last one) for you, it's my time to say sorry I guess..
  6. blank article content inside

    yes, I thought of that myself too, but why when I close the app and reopen it, it works? maybe because it releases memory occupied by previously read articles?
  7. blank article content inside

    99% of the time this is my most common twitter list, i.e.
  8. blank article content inside

    @wesson and since you're here, this happened again yesterday, after scrolling (magazine view) and opening a couple twitter articles, the app showed a blank page, I had to mark the article as unread, close the app (not force stop, just close) and start it again and then I was able to read it again
  9. no, it wasn't rules post-processing, it was "rules being stuck after moving feed to another folder" (I noticed same behavior yesterday, when I did another move and I had to delete the rule and recreate it, because I didn't want to wait), other than that rules work fine!
  10. for around a couple of hours and 10-20 articles approximately
  11. it works now, maybe it needed time to catch up?
  12. I've had this problem in the past too, I hoped it was fixed, but still isn't I've got a folder rule to mark some feeds as read, when I move one feed out of that folder and to another one, the feed is still marked as read! Only was to fix is to delete the rule and recreate it please fix
  13. Another take on Twitter feeds

    @wesson, @Jacket: any plans for mobilized content for twitter and/or facebook feeds? I refer to the text a possible link could contain, such as twitter apps do (official twitter client and third party ones) because, when using the mobile app we do have an internal browser at least, when browsing from a pc, the only option is to open the link mobilized/readability is very useful in feeds, when we can read the containing article fast and easy, I wish we could have something like this for twitter and facebook, e.g. that annoying shortened urls (e.g. links
  14. lots of problems lately

    lots of problems lately (your service seems kind of... unstable??) what's wrong? maybe we should get an update please? Major Outage Feed polling system Major Outage PubSubHubbub etc..
  15. Search doesn't work properly

    I think I'll have to agree, the search interface looks quite primitive to me too and work needs to be done, both in terms of functionality and in terms of design, e.g. when I have entered my search term and pressed enter, the side bar should disappear because it falls in front of the results..