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  1. help with feed

    can somebody help with this? @wesson??? @Jacket??? I'm having issue with another feed too: I can subscribe to the latter in feedly, but not in inoreader!!
  2. by native app you mean youtube app? there is not such app in any of my (two) phones, I don't need it, so I uninstalled it, in any case you can give users the option from the app settings on how they would like videos to be played
  3. help with feed

    I want to subscribe to: which is fine when I check it from my browser, but, when trying to subscribe to it via inoreader, it gets redirected to: which isn't what I want, I found an alternative, subscribing to: but doesn't fetch articles, old at least, to check if it could work with the proper filter
  4. also, this issue remains, I just had to login again at work, same thing at home, I'm having no other issues with no other cookie from any other site, so it should be definitively your end, did you change anything lately?
  5. tweet author in mobile notification please

    while reading from the site or the mobile app, the author is right above (in the content), but the notifications are very problematic because I only get the text and I have to click on it in order to see who said that, I know you're not twitter client, but since you offer it (for a long time - it was included in the initial package I bought), I think you should support it
  6. tweet author in mobile notification please

    ok, I remember there was a change in display, I cannot remember what was changed
  7. tweet author in mobile notification please

    basically the problem arises from the author missing from the article title, I think it was there and you removed it for some reason I cannot remember, please bring it back
  8. hello, when I get a mobile notification for a tweet, I can't see who posted it, tweet author is a must, please implement
  9. finally! this fixed it! thanks!
  10. thanks, please take a look: even though I have it, it still requests me to login: before restart: Name al Value xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Host Path / Expires Thu, 05 Oct 2017 07:24:14 GMT Secure No HttpOnly No after restart: Name al Value (same as before!) Host Path / Expires Thu, 05 Oct 2017 07:24:14 GMT Secure Yes (this is different!!) HttpOnly No
  11. after restart you mean? I log in and I check the "remember me" checkbox, it was working until some days ago, maybe I should check my firefox cookie settings for deletion? I don't have problems in other forums e.g. that I have been logged in could you help troubleshoot it? where should I check?
  12. ok, it is fixed after dropping and re-creating
  13. lately I noticed that inoreader cookie (remember me) doesn't save after restarting firefox it requests that I re-login
  14. so I had a folder with 4-5 subscriptions and created a rule to notify me of anything that falls into this folder, I changed my mind and removed 2-3 subscriptions from this folder in order to get the notifications from another folder/rule, the problem is that the folder rule is still sending me notifications for them, despite their removal, I'll try to drop the rule and recreate it to see what happens.. it should be updated automatically though
  15. an option to export deactivated subscriptions please

    yes, I know, like the email I posted, which is in queue for 4 months now and so many others, nothing is implemented, I'm not saying that I'm not happy with the service, but it could be a lot much better, anyway..