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  1. patrickdrd

    version 6 problem with tags as start screen

    actually I found it on apkmirror
  2. I've just installed version 6 and it kind of looks good, but I like to view my tags first, so I've got tags as start screen, but with the new version all I get is a circle going round and round forever after the first load of the app, when I switch to all articles and come back to tags it works, when I set all articles as my start screen it works again, but not when I want to view my tags first, furthermore, the tags label isn't in English, even though the whole app is in English as I configured in settings, I don't know if it's related, please fix
  3. patrickdrd

    problem with feed

    There are issues with this feed. Please check it and resubscribe if necessary. More information. Feed Website: XML Address: I can see that the above link is working fine
  4. patrickdrd

    feed gets downloaded as a whole/gets reset

    ok, I love that "edit html address" and "edit xml address" links, can I have them too please? :)
  5. can you take a look in Feed Website: XML Address: it's the second time this week that got reset and downloaded a lot of articles
  6. patrickdrd

    disable new articles notification

    I would agree and I would like an option to disable this as well, after all I don't want any kind of background feeds sync (I even disabled the relevant service on my rooted phone), so why would you download new articles in the background? if I finish reading my feed I would refresh it manually myself whenever I like to, I don't want background fetching
  7. it's not an article, rather a simple email email to one of my inoreader tags, I'm sending you a pm with the link, I guess you can access it
  8. I emailed myself a link (inside the mail body) and an attachment, the attachment is there, but the link doesn't show, please fix
  9. patrickdrd

    no Instagram embedded?

    so it's about my protection? and not yours? if so, I would like to have an option to choose between usability and protection
  10. patrickdrd

    no Instagram embedded?

    yes, but you lose in usability, the user would have to open such articles in order to view the embed
  11. patrickdrd

    no Instagram embedded?

    yes, of course: Feed Website: XML Address:
  12. patrickdrd

    no Instagram embedded?

    why aren't Instagram images displayed? I disabled my adblocker, which I thought was to blame, but still no results
  13. patrickdrd

    email doesn't send

    it was sent eventually, maybe it was a bit late
  14. patrickdrd

    email doesn't send

    maybe script stalled?
  15. patrickdrd


    guys, what's gonna happen with tapatalk please? there was a problem with this forum too: but they fixed it, could you fix yours too please?