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  1. app syncing

    I have the same situation with Reeder (described in the parallel thread). It is indeed absolutely awful, but I'll let the developers know. Sounds a bit like a chicken egg problem: 1000 unread articles are not really much these days with a decent number of feeds. Also memory (in VMs), memory management, request scalability and database backend shouldn't be that vulnerable to such requests these days. Nevertheless programmers should of course use the proper API calls to send proper requests if they are implemented in the API.
  2. Thank you very much, I guess the other thread is describing the same. Not sure if I'm happy with it, but I'll let the developers know.
  3. Since the last few days Reeder syncs only the last 1000 unread articles. It's the same behavior on iOS and Mac, other RSS reader I tried do not experience that problem, i.e. they are syncing more than 1000 unread articles. The app is allowed to sync more than 1000 articles and the same settings worked for months. Anybody else experiencing that problem? Best regards