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  1. Mr. Reader iPad app returns server error 500

    OK, thx. Yes, I use saved searches and tags as alternatives to smart streams a la FeedWrangler. I used to use FeedWrangler before switching to Inoreader. I guess my way of using saved searches et al is not very sustainable but it is very integral to how I work. I'll contact the developer again.
  2. Mr. Reader iPad app returns server error 500

    It worked again without me (or the app dev) doing anything differently and now it stopped again, bringing up server error 500 again. Could you please look into it again? Maybe there is something on your end going wrong? (Anything I can do to help clarify this, let me know.)
  3. Mr. Reader iPad app returns server error 500

    Ok, will do. Thx for the fast answer!
  4. Anybody else having this problem? Mr. Reader can't sync with Inoreader. When the app tries to get article IDs with tags it brings up the server error 500. I deleted the app and reinstalled it to see if there was something wrong with my account settings in the app but the error remained.