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    Inoreader fails to load full posts on Android tablet

    So, it seems that the problem I describe above occurs because Inoreader fails to connect to the Internet. When I start the app (unless after having force-quit it, clearing the cache), it says "No connections. Retry". But I do have a working connection and all other apps can connect to the net when I get this error. This is actually a problem I've had for a while, and so I thought it was unrelated, because either I could just tap the icon and get posts to load anyway, or Inoreader would crash and restart with a working connection.
  2. Johan Karlsson

    Inoreader fails to load full posts on Android tablet

    Thanks for your response! It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T805, running Android 5.0.2 and Inoreader 3.9.14. When the problem occurs, I can't access the Inoreader settings. I'll see if can find some pattern as to when the problem occurs an post again shortly. It may seem to co-occur with a network problem (where Inoreader claims I have no Internet connection although other apps do).
  3. When I click on a post title, Inoreader fails to load the full post, and there's no progress bar, yet the post is marked as read. Forcing the app to quit and clearing the cache seems to solve the problem, but only temporarily. This problem appeared a few days ago. I'm using Inoreader on my Samsung Android tablet. It's been prone to crash (more or less on every start) and have network issues, but this problem is new. Thanks for any advice on how to fix this.